January 17, 2020

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Report Released – How does your company compare?

Cybersecurity experts and government officials anticipated that retaliation from #Iran in lieu of the US altercations would take the form of #cyber attacks on the west, and an uptick of incidents was swift. In 2018, a massive data cyber-theft campaign, backed by the Iranian government, breached 320 universities globally, 42 of which were Canadian. The U.S. in particular is bracing for harsh retaliation and cyber disruption in many forms as a result of the assassination of Iran’s key military commander Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

The Sciencetech Communications 2019 Cybersecurity in Canada report, recently published by Senior Partner, Jean-Guy Rens, was commissioned by CATA and supported by CyberNB and Siemens. Rens surveyed more than 200 Companies in Canada. The report shines a light on Cyber readiness as it impacts critical infrastructure and advanced manufacturing. While the report cyber analysis has attracted dialogue and moderate debate, CATA has received unanimous praise for the quality of the report’s meticulous case studies. Over the next three editions of Download North we will share these case studies, starting with #Aéroports de Montréal (ADM), #Air Canada, #Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), #Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), #Desjardins Group, #Public Safety Canada, #Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and #Siemens Canada.

Case Studies: