September 23, 2020

CATA’s policy approach recommended to nation leaders by OECD Chief Economist


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In these fresh Fall days we embark on new beginnings, and for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, that includes the inaugural Issue of Download North Magazine – People & Policy. Download North will reach the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, MPs and the Parliamentary Press Gallery, as well as, 11,000 in the technology community across Canada.

A few days before the Throne Speech,  the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) advised nations to adopt economic policies for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) aligned with solutions proposed by CATA. Our recent advocacy action, starting with a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 3 April, is outlined in The Fall Issue above. OECD Chief Economist, Laurence Boone is giving clear economic policy advice to world leaders in her
 20 September blogCoronavirus: Living with Uncertainty:

‘Support to firms must evolve to let non-viable firms go and encourage viable ones to grow. Equity instruments could be deployed for large firms, with state support, provided competition is preserved and a clear strategy for exit designed. However, it will require more creativity for SMEs, for example in the form of tax credits, with repayments occurring when firms sustainably return to profit’

CATAAlliance‘s  Resilience and Rebound Proposal is such a creative approach. 338 members of parliament have received this simple CERB like solution that uses government audited data to boost SME new market opportunity liquidity for GDP, R&D, economic and jobs growth.

Our efforts were influential in unlocking $200M in stalled R&D tax credits in April. The people at the Canadian Revenue Agency were the heroes of that story. 

Additional solutions have been shared and advised Minister Chrystia Freeland that CATA stands by ready to help.