August 23, 2020

CATA Letter of Support from SREDucation

CATA is pleased to recognize the latest letter of support for our campaign seeking more assistance for Canada’s most innovative tech firms. This letter comes from SREDucation, the largest single online source of information and resources about Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development federal government program. To learn more about SREDucation click here. Read the full letter.


August 19, 2020

To whom it may concern, We would like to announce our support to the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) in proposing the Resilience and Rebound fund to provide interest-free, partially forgivable loans to innovative companies who have previously worked on SR&ED projects.

As the creators of the single largest source of SR&ED information online, we have seen first- hand the benefits of the SR&ED program and are aware of the tens of thousands of companies this program supports annually. With the infrastructure already in place, it is a sensible suggestion to leveraging this program and department to deploy additional direct-funding to Canada’s innovative companies.

It is critical that we are ensuring the survival of Canadian innovators by protecting jobs and investments. This emergency fund is expected to help maintain 760,000 direct jobs in technology and – taking into account downstream jobs – upwards of four million jobs are at stake across the country at all levels. It is hoped the fund will keep innovators in Canada. We cannot afford to lose our competitive edge.

The team at CATA has put forward excellent ideas in the past and this is no exception. With proper controls, we believe this to be an excellent way to deliver targeted assistance.

We hope all firms can stand alongside CATA in advocating for this additional support.


Elizabeth Lance, MA, MASc.
Managing Director, InGenuity Group Solutions Inc
Creators of SR&ED Education & Resources
Office: (613) 729-2828 x101


100 Metcalfe St, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON K1B 5M1
(613) 729-2828