February 24, 2020

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March 2020
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Canada’s Not So Great 22nd Business Sophistication Global Ranking
Suzanne Grant, CEO CATAAlliance
from our CEO, Suzanne Grant
Having one of the world’s leading education systems coupled with motivated and smart investor backed entrepreneurs have demonstrated Canada’s capability as an inventor and startup nation. Despite this solid foundation and stellar performances from a small number of existing and upcoming unicorns, our overall return on innovation investment is falling short. The 2019 Global Innovation Index ranks Canada at 17th with a strong finish in market sophistication, first in VC investment and JV/alliances, and fourth in institutions. A top ten finish in “innovation inputs” or costly investments failed to convert to outputs (22nd) for an expected ROI. Canada’s business sophistication lags at 22nd. New ideas, technology and processes reach innovation potential when leveraged with sophisticated commercial practices.
Call to action #PodiumCulture
“Evolving from inventor & small company builders, to a growth innovator nation, building large international companies with Canadian HQs by bolstering commercial sophistication.”

CATA espouses a cultural shift moving beyond building good companies with world class state-of-the-art technology; struggling to transform to large companies or getting sold abroad. The shift includes resource re-prioritisation, building masterful sales, marketing, IP, advocacy, finance and talent leadership expertise, faster innovation adoption, resilience aptitude, and world class skills and capabilities building.

#CultureShiftToBold” Have your say.

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Behind the Scenes Decisive Moments for the CATA Board
Paul Labarge, CATA’s Chairman and Labarge Weinstein LLP founding partner, shares the board’s critical thinking and decisive action when faced with the sudden loss of key leadership in the midst of an organisational transition. Learn how board member’s unique perspectives contributed to a balanced executive hire decision and why Mr. Labarge claims the best man for the CATA CEO job is a woman. He shares CATA’s direction ahead this decade.


Legendary Insight, Thought Leadership and Your Career Trajectory

CATA Board Member and President of Perry-Martel International, David Perry recently appeared alongside partner Anita Martel on Renessa Boley Lane’s Master Interview Series for Women – Creating Your Perfect Work. Their advice on Guerrilla marketing strategies to break into the hidden job market and land your dream career was based on Mr. Perry’s best selling books including Guerilla Job Hunt, Executive Recruiting for Dummies and Hiring Greatness: How to recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition – over 1,000,000 copies sold. Key tips – standing out, unique insights, strong online profile and actively building your personal brand through thought leadership.


Community & Media

We’re All About Those Lazaridis’ Unicorn Production Goals

Micheal Kelly
Lazaridis’ bold lingo is part of daily conversations at CATA. Phrases like “globally dominant technology” ranked the national accelerator of Canada’s greatest potential growth companies as CATA’s Monthly Crush. Read more about their world domination goals in a recent MacLean’s article: https://www.macleans.ca/education/how-canada-can-produce-more-unicorns-and-dominate-the-tech-world/

“Canada suffers from a serious shortage of executives with the knowledge and experience to successfully scale up a company to be globally competitive. Creating dominant players requires more than just world class technology, engineers and scientists. It also requires a high level of management sophistication to deal with the many operational and organizational challenges that companies face when they grow and enter international markets.”

Get Your Code On at Lighthouse Labs
Lighthouse Labs

Josh Borts Co-Founder & CFO at Lighthouse Labs (left), Alain Boutros, Director of Corporate Sales Lighthouse Labs (right) with CATA CEO, Suzanne Grant and Jeremy Shaki Co-Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Labs behind the lens
Suzanne Grant has not been coding for long but that did not stop her from popping by Lighthouse Labs’ Toronto campus to see what the fuss was about. This career launchpad takes coders from hobbyists to pro developers in 12 weeks. They have six locations across the country, boast majority market share and are growing like wild.
2019 Narwhal List Released
Narwhal ranks Canada’s leading technology companies by financial velocity. 2019 wrapped with nine Narwhal financings exceeding USD 100 million. Find the Narwhal List and report here – https://narwhalproject.org/narwhal-list/.

Suzanne Grant on being an International Entrepreneur and CEO, Courageous Podium Culture and Her Mantra – Solve for Human
Kayla Isabelle, Managing Director, Startup Canada chats with Suzanne about resilience, leadership and the courage to start afresh on the Thrive

“Canada’s National Economic Strategy Requires Input from All Voices”
Suzanne Grant Feature Interview with Future Economy.

  • Canada is underperforming on innovation and competitiveness due to our lack of ability to commercialize our R&D and products.
  • Canada needs a national economic strategy that places innovation at its centre and must include government as well as leaders from all sectors.
  • Our approach to talent has to be more open-minded in terms of its global orientation and the value placed on youth talent and the talents new Canadians bring with them.

Community Happenings & Gems

E-crimes Cyber Council (ECC) Leads International Cyber Taxonomy Program with US Homeland Security
The CATA/Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police joint body hosts an invite only international summit in Ottawa on 27 February, 2020. Indicate interest in Council innovator appointments with Cathi Malette at cmalette@cata.ca
20 Days of Celebration – International Women and Girls in Science
CATA joins Sarah Paquet, Executive VP, Shared Services Canada in recognising women contributing to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in our workplaces and communities. CATA tapped women carrying out outstanding and innovative work across STEM in Canada. These remarkable talents are featured on CATA’s Twitter and LinkedIn channels in the days between International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11 and International Women’s Day on March 8.

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#PodiumLeadershipIsInclusive #BeGreat


Women launched and owned the digital age
Smithsonian Magazine’s Gendered History of Human Computers article sheds light on how women launched and at one point, owned the digital age. Leading into this era, computers were humans, powering astronomy, war and the race into space. A large number of whom were women. Since the 1990s, women’s contributions to coding have dramatically reduced owing largely to sexism. The following infographic is based on that story’s data.


Broad Band
Broad Band – The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet
“If you loved Hidden Figures or The Rise of the Rocket Girls, you’ll love Claire Evans’ breakthrough book on the women who brought you the internet – written from history to date” Penguin Random House.

The Age of Ingenuity
The Age of Ingenuity Video and Podcast Pilot Series [Under Production]
The Age of Ingenuity Video and Podcast Pilot Series explores technologies on the horizon and the here and now, impacting the future of business and work. Tech journalists Chuck Black and Brian Orlotti guide immersive dialogue with leaders in robotics, digital infrastructure and data. They traverse Canada’s ecosystem exploring how SR&ED or new programs can better support a competitive industry and economic returns. The series highlights impressive CATA members and how they make the world a better place.
The Age of Ingenuity
CATA’s innovation is for everyone podcast series
CATA’s innovation is for everyone podcast series explores how people adopt, invest, support, commercialize, push for, shape and spark innovation. The future oriented podcast features in-depth leading-edge ideas. The host, Dr. James (FrontRunner) Bowen, Ph.D. entrepreneur, inventor, investor, author, podcaster, professor, advisor and social media figure explores the intersection of technology within work, personal, financial and daily life. Members interested in being guests in the show can contact cmalette@cata.ca.
2020 Cyber Report
CADSI launches 2020 Cyber Collaboration Imperative Report
Gen Rob Mazzolin (Retired), Chief Strategist RHEA Group and Former Vice-Director, Plans and Policy US Cyber Command, addresses Canada’s Cyber leaders at CADSI’s 2020 Cyber Collaboration Imperative Report Launch. Learn about public-private partnership challenges and international benchmarks.

2020 Report

Hockeystick Helps Companies Achieve Hockeystick Growth Using Data
Ask about CATA Member Special Offers with HockeyStick & test out the free version here: https://go.hockeystick.co/try-hockeystick-pro

View complete infographic

Hockeystick Growth Using Data

CATA Partners With The Great Canadian Data Centre Symposium 2020

The third-annual GCDCS20,co-hosted by McMaster University’s Computing Infrastructure Research Centre and analyst firm InsightaaS have tapped a who’s who of industry leaders. Confirmed speakers include Eugene Roman (former IT leader at Bell Canada, Open Text and Canadian Tire), Dean Nelson (former head of Uber’s platform technology, and founder and chairman of Infrastructure Masons), data centre industry legend Peter Gross, Uptime Institute’s Matt Stansberry and Canadian executive thought leaders like Rocco Alonzi (Sun Life) and Erwin Van Hout (Hospital for Sick Children).

CATA Member Perks – discounted access to the Symposium, Canadian Data Centre Excellence Awards gala dinner, workshops, golf and social events in exchange for their input on a survey exploring Canadian data centre trends and supplier excellence – opt for a trends-only version of the survey). ONE CATA member will be selected to lead a ‘birds-of-a-feather’ lunch at the event. CATA speaker slot while availability lasts. Indicate your interest immediately to cmalette@cata.ca

Data Day 7.0: AI Next Steps and Everything Smart – March 31 2020

Carleton University Institute for Data Science (CUIDS) 7th annual Data Day themes include AI What’s Next and Smart Everything (Cities). AI guest speakers include Ricardo Wagner, Accessibility Lead, Microsoft Canada, Greg Adams, Vice President, AI Applications, MindBridge AI, Johan Brannlund, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Bank of Canada, Kevin Thompson, Program Director, AI Design, National Research Council. Register early. This free event is open to the public.

Open Government/ Open Data Consultations Coming to Your City
Open government plays a critical role in ensuring citizens are served by their governments in ways that are responsive, efficient and fair. It connects people to their governments and helps make policies and services more citizen-centred. Open Data consultations will be scheduled across the country in March and April.

Check in and watch for events near you. Open to all.
Other Events
Life Sciences Day 4.0

Monday, March 30, 2020, Carleton University

Carleton University hosts its annual Life Sciences Day on Monday, March 30, 2020. Speakers include Duncan Stewart, CEO and Scientific Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Cannabis Research Directions, Nancy Delcellier, Director, Environmental Health and Safety and Jessica Parsons, Canopy Growth. The Future of Omics Research with Rob Annan, President and CEO, Genome Canada. Free and open to the public.

Register Early
SREDCATA SR&ED Tax Credits Update – 2020 Tax Survey
By Russ Roberts
PhD, Sr VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy, CATAAlliance

2020 SR&ED Survey: Tell Us What You Think

CATA is a trusted industry alliance with a mandate to help Canadian innovation thrive. We focus on commercial capabilities and access for homegrown technology businesses. The alliance brings together industry and thought leaders with academe and policy makers to advocate for Canadian competitiveness and amplify a bold, confident podium culture.

Our ongoing Surveys on the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program are part of our continuing advocacy messaging.

Specifically, in recent years, CATA has called for the Federal Government to make major improvements to the SR&ED program both through improved legislation, and the more consistent application of clearer, more transparent policy by the CRA. We have considered that a different administrative approach than the CRA may be needed.

We have shared your commentary about the program with both the Department of Finance and the CRA.

Over the last year, the Government and the CRA have made a considerable number of changes to the program, including:

  • eliminating the use of taxable income as a factor in determining a CCPC’s expenditure limit for the enhanced refundable SR&ED tax credit. As a result, small CCPCs with taxable capital of up to $10 million will benefit from unreduced access to the enhanced refundable investment tax credit regardless of their taxable income.
  • clearer policy on SR&ED claims by physicians and medical professional corporations (MPCs);
  • new training material, including guidance for software claims and new service standards; and
  • for the third time in the history of the SR&ED program, the CRA has turned to an outsider to help them with the program’s administration.

For details, go to
What’s new – SR&ED Program and
Information seminars and webinars