April 21, 2019

Help Fund CanWIT (Women in Tech) Advocacy for the Removal of Artificial 51% Barrier Impeding the Growth of Women Owned & Led Enterprises through membership support and/or crowdfunding donations

Dear Community members,

As a followup to CATA Surveys, Interviews and Research on the growth of Women in Tech enterprises, we are now advancing CATA CanWIT (Women in Tech) advocacy calling for governments and agencies at all levels to fully open access to international trade promotion, procurement and related growth resources to women-led or women founded companies, rather than excluding women-owned businesses that are not at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women.

Women led and owned businesses will directly benefit from this advocacy, and we are now asking that you help fund the Campaign available for your review at this URL: https://cata.ca/2019/feds-51-percent-equity-definition/

You can assist either through becoming a CATA member (how to link) and/or making a crowdfunding donation at our Competitive Innovation Nation platform found at: https://chuffed.org/project/cata-advocacy  

All funds raised will be invested in producing content to support advocacy action for CanWIT (Women in Tech), and its 51% Barrier Campaign, championed by Dr Suzanne SimpsonPh.D., C. Psych., Founder & CEO, HRSG and a 2018 Sara Kirke Award winner.

Thanks for your funding support and please let us know if you have any questions and also note that all contributors have access to all CATA agenda growth services.


Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO, SalesChoice
National Spokesperson, CanWIT (Women in Tech)

John Reid, CATA CEO