June 13, 2019

Calling for WISE 50over50 Award Nominations: a CATA Outreach to the Community

Dear Community members,

CATAAlliance is now supporting #50over50Awards to celebrate entrepreneurs with experience & wisdom. Information and the application form for the can be found at www.50over50awards.ca

Are you over 50 years old? Have you started a business as an encore career prior to or after retirement? Or did you finally decide to take the leap and start the business you had always wanted? If you have, you will be interested in applying for a 50 over 50 Award.

The Awards program is open to Canadian residents who started their business after turning 50, applications/nominations must be submitted by June 30. A group of past winners of the 50 over 50 Award winners, will be your judges. The awards will be presented in the Fall, 2019. Submissions will be accepted from founders of new businesses, purchasers of existing businesses and franchises, and initiators of family and intergenerational businesses – as long as the entrepreneur is a majority owner of the business and the head office is in Canada.

50over50 is the fastest growing segment of business start-ups in Canada, and it’s time to celebrate and recognize their accomplishments. Apply today!


Wendy Mayhew
Founder, Business Launch Solutions, WISE – Seniors in Business,
WISE 50 over 50 Awards

John Reid, CATAAlliance, CEO

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