March 29, 2019

Developing Trusted & Transparent AI: The CEO Imperative: a CATA Op-Ed (Dr. Cindy Gordon)

Developing Trusted & Transparent AI

Stage Setting

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive advances in technology in our lifetime. However, understanding the ethical issues associated with AI is posing major educational know-how gaps with CEOs.

C-level leaders must learn how to navigate the ethics of artificial intelligence and ensure their organizations develop ethical machine learning systems versus delegating to IT professionals to handle. The upside benefits of AI are very significant. At the same time, if C – Suite leader lack a sound, ethical approach to artificial intelligence, the implications could be devastating.

At the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital event, on March 25th, Microsoft’s Vice President of AI & Research, Harry Shum, drew attention to the risks associated with AI as it becomes more creative in the future. In particular, Shum called on tech companies to “engineer responsibility into the very fabric of the technology.”

In a recent roundtable series, with over 50 plus CEO’s, five strategic questions were asked of mid to large enterprises. When the first question asked if their organizations had a robust AI Ethics and Data Policy. Not one hand was raised.

The educational know-how gap is very large as C levels try and grapple with what AI really is and how should it be used.

Hence, it is important to bring together a group of experts to share with our RSI community, members, and new guests to discuss the AI Imperative and Building Trust into the core of management leadership practices. We must ensure that AI is ethical, transparent and avoiding bias are key to protecting citizen rights.


Artificial intelligence is now in the Gartner advanced acceleration hype curve, and AI is finding ways into our everyday lives. It’s fueling our digital ads, enabling smarter health apps and even AI Algos’ are painting and writing music and news articles. It’s changing how we interact with each other and impacting every industry and line of business. Anything that has structured, and unstructured data will fuel the AI brain(s) as they further advance into our everyday everything.

AI’s ability to enable new ways of competing – including transforming business models, together with understanding possible risks and ethical issues – mean that embracing this new technology must be a part of every future-facing CEO’s and senior leadership foundational skill.

I predict all future CEO leaders will have advanced degrees in Digital Convergence, and AI expertise as the new power play is power with data and knowing how to unlock the intelligence within.

What is clear is if you are not immersing to learn rapidly, you and your organization will be left behind. This is the road to the biggest change in the history of mankind, at least with AI and quantum computing power, everything will be challenged.

Are you Ready: Resources?

To get ready for the AI dinner dialogue, why not sharpen up your knowledge of AI. There are six Transparency and use of AI videos produced by SalesChoice Inc., and EY. The video series has gone global and has been foundational in helping many C levels start to understand and frame the issues of AI to modernize their organizations. Tune in now at this URL:

And you can exchange views with peers at an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Canada Social Group (306 members) created by SalesChoice, ITWorld Canada and CATAAlliance by opting in at this URL:

For big picture competitive innovation national advocacy, you can also opt into the CATA Social Group (14,230 members) at:

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Dr. Cindy Gordon, a CATA National Spokesperson on Innovation Leadershiop is CEO of SalesChoice – an award winning, AI SaaS and Data Sciences company specializing in cognitive sciences, predictive and prescriptive analytics advancing sales and marketing functional capabilities in AI Guided Selling – can be contacted at

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