May 18, 2019

SOTI CEO Recognized for Private Sector Leadership at the CATA Innovation Gala

SOTI CEO Recognized for the Telfer School of Management Private Sector Leadership at the CATA Innovation Gala from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In this one minute video, join SOTI CINO, Chadri Elkadri as he challenges start ups to innovation for the long term and for us all to value IP as the currency of the future.

Mr. Elkadri accepted the Award for SOTI Founder, President & CEO, Carl Rodrigues.

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Carl Rodrigues, Founder, President & CEO, SOTI

Carl Rodrigues’ vision has inspired a future of endless possibilities for technology has led to the growth of one of the world’s most trusted providers of mobile and IoT management solutions – based right here in Canada, SOTI.

The key to SOTI’s global success has been his innate ability to identify what solutions are needed for the future, not just to solve present day problems.

Before concepts like mobile-first technology or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Carl was already contemplating how to give businesses the confidence and control to seamlessly implement advanced technology. This resulted in the development of the SOTI ONE Platform, an innovative platform that reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of business-critical mobility.

Under Carl’s leadership, SOTI has scaled from a one-man startup to a multi-billion-dollar company headquartered in Mississauga with close to 1,000 employees working in 10 offices worldwide to serve over 17,000 customers and over 4,000 channel partners across 170 countries.

But for Carl, it has always been more than successfully technology solutions. He has had a strong vision for the growth of Canada’s innovation economy and the important role that each individual plays in its success.

As a regular contributor to publications such as the Globe and Mail, and National Post, Carl encourages local and national governing bodies to prioritize identifying and supporting homegrown technology companies who are eager to stay in Canada, and help propel the country towards becoming a nation of innovators.

Carl has made it his personal mission to champion the success of Canadian technology innovators and help our country create a unique legacy.

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