June 17, 2019

Add your signature to the Sara Kirke Petition to advance Diversity & Women-led Enterprises

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Dear Community members,

Please read The ‘Sara Kirke’ Declaration for Diversity & Women-led Enterprises. It outlines five modern day guiding principles that if adopted, will help promote and accelerate diversity and the growth of women-led enterprises in Canada:

  1. Secure a 40-50 percent Representation of Women on Boards of Directors in Public & Private Sector Organizations
  2. Move Beyond Talking About Women In STEM and accelerate Attracting, Developing and Retaining Women in STEM
  3. Removal of the 51 Percent Cut Off Limit to Access Growth Resources for Women-led enterprises
  4. Removal of the Crowdfunding Barrier Limiting Startup and Growth Capital
  5. Women Friendly Social Net Policies & Career Mentorship

If you believe that the private sector and government have a responsibility to declare we need to dig deep and advance new legislative changes, modernize our practices, and hold our leadership teams, and board of directors accountable, then add your signature to the Sara Kirke Petition.

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Cindy Gordon, Co Chair, Sara Kirke Caucus
Founder & CEO, SaleChoice

Fawn Annan, Co Chair, Sara Kirke Caucus
President and Group Publisher of IT World Canada/IDG Canada


About CanWIT (Women in Tech)

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