May 18, 2019

Noticia L.L.P. Founding Partner Recognized for Private Sector Leadership at the CATA Innovation Gala

Noticia L.L.P. Founding Partner Recognized for the Telfer School of Management Private Sector Leadership at the CATA Innovation Gala from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In this three minute video, join Duncan Fraser, Founding Partner, Noticia L.L.P. as he talks about moving from a paper based to a digital based legal office through adopting Ai innovation and new technologies.

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About Duncan Fraser,  Founding Partner, Noticia L.L.P.  

Duncan Fraser is a leader in Canadian legal and technology practice.  His 20 years of litigation experience in fraud claims, aboriginal law, environmental law and class actions fostered his belief that big changes, enabled by technology, would transform legal practice.

Duncan’s litigation career was spent with the Federal Department of Justice.  As General Counsel and Director of Evidence Management and National Litigation Support Services, he was responsible for significant change within that organization. 

In 2015, seeing greater opportunity for change, he moved to the private sector where with business partner Philippe Gollin the innovative firm noticia LLP was founded.  noticia is specialized in eDiscovery and analytics: the management of electronic information and evidence in litigation, risk, compliance and privacy matters.

Duncan has been an agitator, advocate and influencer in the legal procession, encouraging lawyers and firms to try new ways to manage information, with increasing reliance on machine learning and advanced visual analytics.  In both the public and private sectors, he has led by example, and shared his experience and insight through participation in key committees and working groups.

noticia LLP is not a software developer, but rather an early adopter of the capabilities of emerging solutions.  Using leading platforms such as Ringtail, Nuix, and Oproma’s miCore, Mr. Fraser has developed novel and transformative approaches for handling FIOP, ATIP and Privacy Act reviews, litigation disclosure, and cyber-investigations.  Under his direction, the Federal Department of Justice became a public leader in electronic discovery and litigation support, and he is demonstrating the same results for clients in the private sector.   He emphasises the importance of embracing new technology as well as diversifying and investing in expertise.

The legal procession is generally seen as reluctant to embrace change.  Duncan is proud to be a part of the transformation that will result in innovations that bring greater efficiency to legal practice, and the resulting improvements in access to justice.


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