February 7, 2019

Advocacy Reminder: CATA wants your help calling for a 21st Century Tax Commission

Making the Case for Canada’s 21st Century Tax Commission: Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, CATAAlliance from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Canada’s federal government has pursued a tech-friendly “innovation agenda” that thus far has included funding for tech-based “superclusters” and a contest encouraging cities across the country to digitally transform themselves – but its taxation policies, including SR&ED tax credit revitalization have yet to follow suit.

In this 90 second video, CATA’s Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy comments on this Campaign, entitled, “ Call for Creating Canada’s 21st Century Tax Commission: ” See full details at: http://cata.ca/2018/21st-century-tax-commission/

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The Call to Action is to provide a supportive quote ( i.e., a para of 3-4 sentences) for inclusion in the ” Community Comments Section “ of the 21st Century Tax Commission communique.  See how at this URL: cata.ca/2018/21st-century-tax-commission-quotes/

Join with us today to advance this important advocacy!

What CATA’s asking for

CATA’s proposed terms of reference for the sought-after commission, include:

  • Comparing Canada’s tax regime with other nations, including research on their administrative models, methods of innovation support, and treatment of intellectual property;
  • Determining which current tax and administrative models successfully support competitiveness, and how they can be used to support a 21st Century economy, with particular attention paid to the evolution of U.S. tax policy;
  • The need for targeted and general tax cuts that support businesses;
  • The redeployment of tax incentives that support the Canadian economy’s transition from one based on resources to one based on “industries of the future”; and
  • Establishing the well-being of families as a priority for tax cuts.

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