April 5, 2019

eCrime Cyber Council (ECC) Formed to Make Canada a Forerunner in Addressing the Threat and Harm of Cybercrime

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Ottawa, On… the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) have joined forces to create a joint eCrime Cyber Council (ECC) in order to advance a national cybercrime strategy for Canada.

The ECC will be comprised of police experts, innovative private sector leaders, academic and government observers to work with government departments, ministries, and agencies at federal, provincial, and local levels to undertake supportive policies and approaches that will make Canada a world leader in addressing the threat and harm of cybercrime.

According to the founding groups, “ The ECC is seeking to work collectively and collaboratively to determine the technology and educational awareness needs of those seeking to stop or reduce the harmful effects of cybercrime in Canada – both private and public sector stakeholders – for the purpose of advancing this community’s capacity, leadership, knowledge, and skills, adding, our main goal is to enable the citizens of Canada and our governments to fully realize upon the advantages of a cyber enabled world, while remaining safe and free from harm and victimization.”

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The ECC will be working with multiple stakeholders including Europol, university researchers and government agencies to help create guidance on cybercrime taxonomy for law enforcement where some work is needed to build consensus on a uniform North American and eventually, international taxonomy. All part of developing global best practices and advancing Canadian innovation leadership.

Work is also underway to set the agenda for EPIC 2019, a major E-Crime Forum taking place in Calgary, Alberta on November 5-7th. Details are forthcoming. 

Executives with an interest in advancing the eCrime mission should contact CATA CEO John Reid at email jreid@cata.ca

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About CACP

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) was founded in Toronto on September 6, 1905. It was first known as the “Chief Constables Association of Canada” and adopted its current name in the early 1950s.  It was incorporated by Letters Patent under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act in 1968 as a non-profit organization. The Association received its ‘Certificate of Continuance’ from Industry Canada under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act in January 11, 2013.

The Association is dedicated to the support and promotion of efficient law enforcement and to the protection and security of the people of Canada.  Much of the work in pursuit of its new mandate, developed in 2013, “safety and security for all Canadians through innovative police leadership”, is done through the activities and special projects of a number of committees and through active liaison with various levels of government and departmental ministries having legislative and executive responsibility in law and policing.

The Association is national in character.  Its interests and concern have relevance to police at all levels including municipal, regional, provincial and federal.  Many of the initiatives and the work of the Association and its committees through the year are reported on at the annual conference when recommendations are tendered and resolutions adopted.  In many cases, these form the basis of the Association’s ongoing work on behalf of the policing community and the society that it serves.

Our Board of Directors includes Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Commissioners and Directeurs of Police Services who are representative of the widespread regions of Canada and who are elected by the membership.  This group of executive officers is assisted in the management of the organization’s affairs by an Executive Director located at the national office in Ottawa, which serves as the central coordinating bureau for the Association’s various activities.  The CACP office also publishes five Magazines and an Annual Directory which serve as the main communication links with the membership and all other stakeholders.

The Association’s membership consists of four categories:  active, associate, life and honourary. With a minimal but constant growth recorded each year, the current combined membership roll is approximately 1214, which includes 469 active members.  While this figure does not represent all police departments, the Association can take pride in its remarkable record of progress and service that has embraced the police community Canada-wide during its lengthy lifespan.  Through its member police chiefs and other senior police executives the CACP represents in excess of 90% of the police community in Canada.

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