January 30, 2019

CATA Crowdsources Ideas for Canada’s 21st Century National Brand (Survey Guidance)

Canada’s 21st Century National Brand

CATA’s 21st Century National Brand for Canada Campaign is in pre-launch, and a Survey is now open for you to offer guidance, including recommended research and CATA TECHNOW video interviews: https://goo.gl/forms/yPPsUV87hpLmVDHj1 

We will also launch an E-Petition in support of this initiative.

Research & Source Articles (Do You Have Articles to Share?)

–  This Globe and Mail article from 2010, was updated in May of 2018. The article asks, – what is Canada’s brand? The article agrees that a brand is valuable but very tough to create for a nation.


–  A Huffington Post column from 2016 notes Canada’s good global reputation has been built over many years without any advertising experts: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/jack-jedwab/canadas-brand-strong_b_13575836.html

– The most respected annual report on nation brands is called the Anholt Nation Brands Index (NBI). In 2018, Canada was overtaken by France and is now in 5th spot ahead of the US and Italy. The latest NBI (October 2018) ranks 50 nations: https://www.ipsos.com/en-us/news-polls/Nation-Brands-Index-2018

–  This article notes Germany is back on top of the ranking list in 2018 and the worsening view of the US as expressed by Canadians was the key reason the US dropped sharply on the ranking: https://qz.com/1441956/germany-is-the-top-nation-brand-of-2018-while-america-ties-with-italy-in-sixth-place/

– Wikipedia looks at the growing but still in-exact science of nation branding: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nation_branding

– In August of 2018 a study on this issue was done by a professor at Queens University in Kingston, ON. It is focused on nation brands, their importance and how they are created. The study notes that in the NBI report for 2017 Canada was ranked #1 in the world in three of the six categories that form the core of the  NBI ranking process. Canada leads in People, Governance and Immigration/Investment:  https://irc.queensu.ca/sites/default/files/articles/the-rising-importance-of-a-national-brand-for-organizations-part-1-branding-context-and-impact.pdf

 CATA TECHNOW Video Channel on Branding (suggest interview candidates)

We will reach out to thought leaders for video interviews, asking them to look at the issue of brand and Canada and should we/the government be working on a catchy tagline for Canada or reinforce our current reputation.

A noteable interview would be with Vadim Volos, Executive Director of the NBI report for insights from their national brand study, undertaken in conjunction with IPSOS: https://www.gfk.com/about-gfk/about-gfk/

Interviews ( i.e., use of quotes, linked to full video interviews) will then supplement our media release that says brand is important, Canada has sagged on the world stage, and then asks what can we do about it. What is the best approach?  

The release is linked to a short Survey asking for people to write their branding lines for Canada or suggest actions we should take to reinforce the good reputation we have now.

Follow up releases will present what people have to say, including quotes from experts interviewed on CATA TECHNOW.

 Canada’s 21st Century National Brand (pre-launch, draft release)

A branding statement tells the world about Canada and has the potential to engender long-term loyalty, attract investment and foster collaborative relationships (CATAAlliance)

Ottawa, ON...CATAAlliance (www.cata.ca), Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group,  announced that it will reach out to its extensive social networks for guidance on creating a new National Branding statement for Canada as an integral part of the Alliance’s comprehensive advocacy agenda.

CATA CEO, John Reid, said, “ The first core plank of the CATA innovation nation agenda is developing a Competitive Innovation Nation, National Brand for Canada based on Regional Advantages. We are now consulting with the community to create that core plank and will then advocate for all political parties to adopt the new Brand as part of their election platforms and for public policy guidance.”

According to Paul Brent, Paul Brent, TV savvy Communication Specialist and CATA Analyst, “ Countries need progressive brands in order to help build relationships with other countries and with global corporations and public sector groups. The branding translates into image and is often just as important as what a country actually produces and sells.”

View a recent TECHNOW interview with Messrs Reid and Brent on Corporate Branding.  

Call to Action: Branding Canada Survey (3 questions)

In order to help create a 1-2 sentences statement answering what Canada is best at (value), who we serve (audience) and how we do it uniquely, please go to the Branding Canada Survey link located at: https://goo.gl/forms/yPPsUV87hpLmVDHj1

Reid concluded, ” We will ask all political parties to adopt the 21st Century Canada Brand in their election platforms because it will help unify the country as we together work to spur investment,  create wealth, build collaborative relationships, and create more jobs for Canadians.”

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