May 4, 2019

Live Stream Viewing URL (34th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation Awards Gala (May 15, 2019, Ottawa)

34th Annual CATA Innovation Gala

Gala Overview

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Innovation Awards Agenda (approximate times for live stream viewing)

5:55 pm: MC Paul Brent Opens Gala

6:05 pm: Remarks, John Reid, CATA CEO & Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon, President & Vice Chancellor, Carleton University

6:15 pm: Keynotes: Ohad Arazi, Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President, Provider Solutions at TELUS Health (left) and Shurjeel Choudhri  (right) MD FRCPC, SVP and Head, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Bayer Inc.

6:45 pm: TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award for Mobility Health (M-Health) Innovation Excellence in Canada’s Health Care Sector

7:15 pm: Gala resumes after Dinner Break

7:15 pm: Ai Award & Forum Announcement: Eli Fathi, CEO, Mindbridge Ai

7:25 pm: Special Presentation: Acting Assistant Commissioner RCMP Technical Operations Jeff Adam: Public Safety & Cyber Security Update

7:45 pm: MNP Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting Award

7:55 p.m: ICTC Award for IT Strategic HR Management

8:05 pm: Sara Kirke Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

8:15 ps (2 Awards): Telfer School of Management Private Sector Innovation and/or Leadership in Advanced Technology Award

8:35 pm: Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University Public Sector Leadership Award in Advanced Technology

8:45 pm: Peter Brojde Award for Canada’s Next Generation Executive Leadership

8:55 pm:  Sprott School of Business at Carleton University Outstanding Product Achievement

9:05 pm: CATA CEO Community Leadership Award

9:15 pm: Closure & Group Photos

34th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards Gala

The 34th Annual Gala celebrates the best-of-the-best award-winners across the spectrum of advanced technology areas. Check out the Award categories!

At the Gala, the winners are recognized for their innovation, expertise, and leadership in Canada’s innovation community. View our Leadership Awards Video Sharing Channel where past winners and sponsors share their success secrets. And, see who won last year.

This year’s Gala theme: Using Technology to Enable Better Healthcare Outcomes (view video).

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