August 24, 2019

Latest in Data Security with Rich Mogull, Analyst & CEO of Research Firm Securosis

Friends of CATA extended webinar first peek and product launch of Box Shield, a new security offering that helps reduce risk and protect the flow of valuable information.

Are you struggling to keep your most sensitive data secure? As valuable information flows in and out of your organization – across teams, partners, vendors, and customers – the old-school approach to information security no longer gets the job done. Join Jeetu Patel, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Box for a live product launch webcast on Thursday 8/29 at 2 pm ET. During this session, you’ll get a first peek at Box Shield, a new security offering that helps you reduce risk and protect the flow of valuable information without slowing down your business.

You’ll learn how Box can help you:

  • Prevent data leaks without slowing down your users
  • Classify your sensitive and valuable content with ease
  • Empower your security team with intelligent threat detection

Jeetu will be joined by Rich Mogull, Analyst & CEO of research firm Securosis – who will share his perspective on the latest trends in data security.

Thursday Aug 29 @ 2pm ET


Introducing intelligent, frictionless content security with Box Shield

About Box
Founded in 2005, Box (NYSE: BOX) is transforming the way people and organizations work so they can achieve their greatest ambitions. As the world’s leading enterprise content management and collaboration platform, Box helps businesses of all sizes in every industry securely access and manage their critical information in the cloud. Box is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, with offices across the United States, Europe and Asia. To learn more about Box, visit

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