May 19, 2019

MNP Excellence in Science & Technology Reporting Award Goes to Francis Halin at the Journal de Montreal

MNP Excellence in Science & Technology Reporting Award Goes to Francis Halin at the Journal de Montreal from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In this four minute video, join Award Winner, Francis Halin, Reporter, Journal de Montreal, as he talks about the challenges of fake news and the importance of open interviews with journalists, even when of a critical nature.

The MNP Excellence in Science & Technology Award was presentd to Mr. Halin by Sean  Murphy FCMC, CPA, CMA, PMP, CMC Regional Managing Partner – Ontario and Digital Government Expert, MNP LLP.

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About Francis Halin

We can say that Francis has a young career, but with a lot of experience.

He has specialized in high-tech and economics, and has been a journalist for over ten years.

After having completed a masters at McGill, he worked at Radio-Canada / CBC, TC Média Nouvelles and then opted for a newspaper career. He has won la Bourse AJIQ-Le Devoir. Francis was also assistant editor-in-chief, electronic media, Premières en affaires.

Francis started his career as a freelance journalist working for the television channel ICI Radio-Canada where he developed a passion for economics.

He has conducted interviews that are important and that have marked him each in their own way, including former ministers Jean Charest and Pierre-Marc Johnson, Manon Brouillette, president and chief executive officer of Vidéotron, Marie-Josée Lamothe, Chief Executive Officer of Google Quebec, and the economist Muhammad Yunus who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his concept of “microfinance”.

He now writes for America’s largest French daily, Le Journal de Montreal. From CEO to workers, Francis Halin thinks the best way to understand the new tech industry is to take time to listen to.

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