July 12, 2019

John Reid Condolence Messages

  • I read about John’s passing last week and wanted to pass along my condolences to the CATA team. I had just seen John and Carol out for a walk the week before they left for Norway and was following their trip on Facebook. To say I was shocked would be an understatement and I am sure that the impact to you must be extraordinary.

    I met John when I was only 25 years old and the experience I shared with the CATA team set the trajectory of my career. To say that I am grateful for his mentorship would be an understatement.

    Howard Stanley

  • I have known John since the 1990s. He was always willing to listen to any ideas I brought forward and to lend a hand in any way he could.

    I know he will be sorely missed.

    Italia Corigliano

  • After 32 years of expressing CATA’s mission to support Canadian business innovations and Canadian technology competitiveness,
    John Reid’s voice is still. His absence deeply affects us all and we will miss him. Yet while his voice is now forever silent, his legacy will prevail for
    decades to come. I will personally miss his daily communications and hope that CATA will build on his legacy and continue to pursue his dreams and aspirations.

    Mike Kedar

  • Anyone that has been part of the Ottawa technology Community knows John as someone that tried to make a difference and did. So it was sad to hear of his sudden passing and assisting IRC Ottawa in effort to bring Canada into the 21st-century.

    Fraser Liscumb
    Founder Interim CEO/Pres.
    IRC Ottawa 1996 to present

  • I am very saddened on the news of John leaving this world way too early.
    As a young woman in 1988, he mentored me and helped me as an early woman pioneer in technology.
    Two years ago he interviewed me, and in his usual comfortable way, asked me to continue mentoring other woman in technology.
    He was a canadian star, a brilliant leader but his actions of his life will mean we are a better country, and a better world.

    Renah Persofsky

  • My wife, Carol and I are devastated to hear the news of John’s passing. Carol and Ray Morel were involved with John when he set up CATA back in 1987 and it was John that encouraged her to go into Human Resources. She saw him as a mentor for her career and he lauded her for her success. He was that type of guy. He and I connected several years ago and we collaborated on a technology industry sales compensation survey to identify the role requirements and compensation levels necessary to increase the competitive selling of Canadian technology globally. John was CATA for such a long time. He carried CATA on his shoulders and was successful in developing the alliance into a strong national voice that has received increased recognition as the focal point for innovation, the technology industry and constructive policy change in Canada and abroad.

    Our heartfelt condolences go out to Carol and his family and everyone at CATA. He leaves a very big hole to fill but his legacy is the capability in the organization that he created and developed that will enable CATA to move forward strongly in the future.

    Dave Johnston
    Sales Resource Group Inc.

  • knew John for over 30 years as a dear friend and colleague. We worked on many initiatives together both in Canada but especially the US when I relocated to Washington DC. A dear friend and terrific tech evangelist in Canada and beyond. A remarkable man, I will miss him and his humor as will the country. Sincere heartfelt prayers and support for Carol, the kids, and grandkids. I was following their trip on FB and they looked like they were having the time of their lives.

    Warmest and sincerest thoughts and prayers to you and other staff past and present.

    Jim LeBlanc
    J. LeBlanc International

  • I am very sad to see the news about John and I wanted to pass on my condolences to John’s family and his team at CATA. While I did not have the opportunity to see him very much in recent years, he was a valued collaborator and friend when I was at the Telfer School at uOttawa. I will always have fond memories of the various projects we worked on together and the rounds of golf.

    Alain Doucet
    Canadian College of Health Leaders

  • Wow! Oh My God. That is a very very sad news. What on earth could have happened for such as great guy. I have known John for over 28 years from the early days of CATA, and just recently, I had communications with him.

    Our most sincere condolences and sympathy for John’s family. We pray for them and wish them inner peace and patience.

    I know John is in good hands now and he will be watching what our next efforts are to solve humanity problems with technology innovations.

    Rest in peace my friend. We all miss you immensely.

    Moe Vesal
    Synetic Inc. & NuvolaCore Technology

  • Very saddened and sorry to hear about John’s passing. We worked together many years ago in Ottawa and it was a pleasure to do so. His commitment was obvious, his passion intense and his innovative approach to challenges and opportunities unique.

    I will miss him.

    Peter G Bowie

  • An incredible loss…Unbelievable! A true leader and champion of so many worthy initiatives, and a true gentleman.

    He will be sorely missed indeed…Tough shoes to fill for sure.

    Chris Kayser

  • As a member of the CATA family, though not as active as I would have liked, I wish to express my condolences to the rest of the membership and to John’s family. I would remain in appreciation of his dedication to, and relentless hard work for, the organization over so many years.

    Maurice Salvador

  • I have many fond memories of John and his enthusiasm, open mind, energy and good humour. He had an outstanding ability to quickly grasp issues and was a fearless advocate for the technology sector. John was instrumental in a number of important changes with long-lasting positive impacts on the tech sector, in areas ranging from tax to securities. The issues he dealt with were sometimes very complex and arcane, but John was happy to tackle them and wrestle them to ground. He was also an early and very sincere supporter of women in technology. I always felt that John loved his life and his work, which is why he was so good at what he did. I will miss him personally, and also as a friend of Dentons.

    Andrea Johnson
    Dentons Canada LLP

  • I am greatly saddened by the news of John Reid’s sudden death. He was the true “Champion” of the Technology Sector and more. I can personally vouch for the effort and dedication he put in especially to improve the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program legislated under the Income Tax Act of Canada.

    My sincere condolences to his wife and family. My prayers assured at this time.

    May his soul Rest in Peace

    Mel Machado

  • To John’s family and friends, and the entire CATA community, please accept my deepest condolences. I met John when I was working at the University of Ottawa. We collaborated, amongst many projects, on our alumni breakfast speaker series which started in 2001. He was a pleasure to work with, and he always had a great skill of recapping the keynote speaker’s messages and lessons learned at the end of each of these 40 breakfasts over the years. He usually found a skillful way of linking everything back to innovation. He will be missed.

    Christian Coulombe
    Canadian College of Health Leaders