February 5, 2019

CATA Registers its support for proposed Centres of Excellence in Healthcare Cyber Security

Contact: Katherine Thompson: Mobile: 647.202.0624

83% of physician practices have experienced some sort of cyber attack, mainly phishing and viruses

74% cited interruptions to their clinical practices as a primary concern and the number of events attributed to ransomware increased by 89% from 2016 to 2017 (Accenture and AMA)

The industry with the highest number of attacks by ransomware is the healthcare industry. Attacks will quadruple by 2020. (CSO Online)

This past July was the worst month on record for healthcare data breaches, according to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights.

Toronto, ON…CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby Group and ‘political party’ for Canada’s tech industry, announced today its proud support of proposed Centres of Excellence in Healthcare Cyber Security, an initiative led by a forward thinking group of physicians and innovators committed to helping the Canadian healthcare sector better understand and defend against the growing pervasiveness of cyber attacks plaguing the healthcare industry worldwide.

Katherine Thompson, Chair of the CATA Cyber Group, said,  “ The healthcare sector faces huge risks both now and moving forward. With technology driving the delivery of healthcare industry both within and outside the walls of the hospital, the movement of data creates enormous risks. ”

She added,  “ We are huge advocates for public-private collaborations around the issues of cyber security and find the commitment this group is making to be a very important first step in helping securing hospitals and patients moving forward. ”

In a recent CATA TECHNOW interview,
Ohad Arazi, Chief Strategy Officer, Vice President Provider Solutions, TELUS Health spoke to Becoming One with Customers and the importance of multi sector collaboration, as a key to healthcare innovation success.

The proposed Centres of Excellence in Healthcare Cyber Security plans to bring together academia, innovation, industry and government to support the needs of the resource starved healthcare sector as it relates to both education and training, Canadian born solutions to healthcare technology challenges and best in class approaches to healthcare leadership and governance. A detailed prospectus has been developed to show how the CoE will develop and grow to serve the needs of the sector across Canada over the next few years.

Ohad Arazi, joined by Shurjeel Choudhri  MD FRCPC, SVP and Head, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Bayer Inc., will take the stage at CATA’s 2019 Innovation Leadership Gala to spotlight major trends in digital health care and what they mean for the well being of all citizens. Healthcare is a core competitive innovation nation plank for CATA advocacy.”

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