November 10, 2019

EPIC2019 Award Winners

The 4th Annual EPIC Summit and Awards bring together law enforcement, private sector innovators, government and academia to collaborate in the fight against cybercrime. The EPIC awards recognize and reward contributions by Canadian law enforcers and private sector leaders who demonstrate “excellence, innovation and initiative” in the prevention, detection, disruption, and dismantling of cybercrime actors and organizations, leading to positive impact for cybercrime victims.


Congratulations to Open Text on being selected as the winner of the 2019 Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime Innovation Award. Mr. Robbie Greenquist (left) received the award from Mr. Arnold van den Hoeven (right) from Accenture on behalf of the winning nominee, Ms. Hope Swancy-Haslam, JD, CSPO, CEDS.


Congratulations goes out to Corporal Chris Obiego (center), Digital Evidence Specialist with the RCMP’s E Division. He was selected to receive the Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime Investigation award for the Twitch Chatsurge international investigation that led to the adult conviction of a known local threat actor with an extensive cybercrime history. Mr. Arnold van den Hoeven (left), from Accenture, and Assistant Commissioner Jeff Adam (right), Technical Operations, RCMP, were on hand to do the honours.