April 6, 2019

Canada’s Public Safety & E-Crime Leadership: Request for Guidance on Priorities

Request for Guidance on Priorities

Dear community members,

Please review the link below and provide feedback, guidance and edits. Are there other items that we should highlight and/or profile?


Highlighted: CACP/CATA partnership, e-Crime Council final terms of reference, cybercrime taxonomy, EPIC 2019 Forum in Calgary, and, video channels on Public Safety, Security & e-Crime.

Also new partnerships are being pursued, such as with the new cybersecurity excellence centre In-Sec-M. Please suggest others.

For your leadership positioning, you can utilize the CATA Op-Ed, promotional resources to advertise your events, research and white papers, provide video commentaries and speak at events recommended by us, as we often get asked for speaker recommendations.


John Reid, CEO
Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, Advocacy
Jean-Guy Rens, Director Research

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