June 12, 2019

Cybersecurity Students Available for Co-Op (Willis College), a CATAAlliance Partner Outreach to the Community

Dear Community members,

Willis College has established partnerships with many high-tech, multinational fortune 500 companies in Canada and is now establishing a new partnership with CATAAlliance, in order to help the College’s graduating students find practicum placements and employment opportunities in their field of studies. Companies also come to Willis College with job opportunities and in turn provides highly-trained, skilled workers.

As part of many of the College’s curriculum, students have mandatory practicum hours to graduate. Below is the list of programs with co-op placements, along with the duration of hours.

Practicum Co-op Placement Hours
Course Title Hours Weeks
Human Resources with Payroll (HRP) 150 6 weeks
Executive Business Administration (EBA) 150 6 weeks
Mobile Software Development (MSD) 200 6 weeks
Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) 240 8 weeks
Personal Support Worker (PSW) 145 10 weeks
Medical Office Administration (MOA) 100 4 weeks
Addictions and Community Services Worker (ACSW) 280 8 weeks

The next group of CyberSecurity Analyst (CSA) co-op students are completing their course work by the end of August 2019 and getting ready for practicum placements in the field of System Administration, Server Management, Network Security, Technical Support, Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing.

If you can host Willis College students within your organization, then it would be a great win for you, the Co-Op students and community at large.

Please reach out to the undersigned in order to be a valued talent pipeline for future hirings.


Ranjith Mathew |  Manager – Student Co-op & Employment
Willis College – Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence!
1200 St. Laurent Boulevard, Suite 20, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B8
(St. Laurent Shopping Centre, Entrance 5)

T: 613.233.1128 | D: 613.656.1227 | F: 613.233.9286

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