March 13, 2019

Putting a Voice to Careers in Cyber Security – CISO Event, in partnership with CATAAlliance, Cybersecurity (March 28, Toronto)

Putting a Voice to Careers in Cyber Security – CISO Event

A recent study by ProtectWise surveyed a cross section of US high school students that had expressed an interest in post secondary studies in technology and ICT. Of those surveyed, only 9% expressed an interest in cyber security. Upon further questioning, students noted the following as a barrier—no exposure to cyber security skills in school and not knowing anyone who worked in the industry.

On March 28th, CATA Cyber will be co-hosting a CISO (Chief Security Officer) event at University of Ontario Information Technology (UOIT). Registration URL:

“The goal is simple—provide students with an opportunity to listen and meet with industry professionals who have created success in the cyber security industry” says Katherine Thompson, Founder and Chair of CATA Cyber. “The cyber security industry as a whole needs to do a better job of communicating and connecting with young people and providing options for career paths and future success” adds Thompson.

The session will provide interested students with the opportunity to hear from industry leaders on the variety of career options available and how choosing the pursue a career in cyber security provides avenues for advancement on a global level. The hope of this flagship event is to further partner with academic institutions to develop and deliver similar industry sessions moving forward.


  • Stephen Weston, VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Rosy A. Pushkarna, Co-Founder and Information Security Advisor, CapitalT Security Inc.
  • Danny Timmins, CISSP, Partner, National Leader, Cyber Security, MNP LLP

These experts will be hosting a panel discussion and networking discussion for the UOIT community to learn about:

  • Co-op / Internship & Career opportunities
  • Industry updates and advancements

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