April 22, 2019

Reminder: Not Just another event, it’s the Change Leadership EXPERIENCE! Leading Change in the face of AI and Robotics (May 8th, Toronto): CATA partnered

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AI and Robotics is disrupting the marketplace, and positioned to disrupt the workplace and how we drive change, and only those who are prepared will survive.

Dear Community members,

This is a reminder that we are hoping you will join us for the The Change Leadership Conference, taking place on May 8th, 2019 ( 8:30 a.m – 5:00 p.m at Mars Discovery, Toronto, Canada). Please register today at: https://thechangeleadership.com/eventregistration and view new agenda updates.

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Our mission is to accelerate the preparation of leaders, change agents, and organizations to respond dynamically to the rapid pace of Change and Innovation taking place around us.

We think that you will agree that Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, and all things Fourth Industrial Revolution are now at the forefront and instrumental to business success.

These technologies are on the brink of revolutionizing how people live and work across diverse industries and globally.

It is expected that in the next several decades there will be disruption in many of the traditional work functions. In a nutshell, AI will bring about a paradigm shift in all industries; and how organizations handle the adoption of artificial intelligence and automation will be decisive for their survival.

At the Change Leadership Conference you will hear from industry experts and leaders currently driving and implementing innovative change (view expanded speaker list) in their own organizations.

The take away will be insider tips, strategies and knowledge to lead change and innovation in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Looking forward to you joining us as we get prepared to lead change in the face new disruptive technologies.


John Reid, CATA CEO

Dr. Drumm McNaughton FIMC, CEO,
The Change Leader, Inc.

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