July 11, 2019

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) Appoints Tech Leader, Suzanne Grant, as Interim CEO

OTTAWA – The CATA Board has appointed Suzanne Grant as Interim CEO. The July 10 decision follows the recent and sudden passing of CATA president and CEO John Reid. Grant draws upon 30 years leadership experience, including a background in traversing emerging medical technology, international entrepreneurship, philanthropy leadership and Canadian military engineering.

Grant was recently pegged 2019 Shepreneur to Watch by Success Insights and won the WISE 50 over 50 and Evolocity Female Founder Awards in 2018 for her accomplishments in commercializing state of the art bionic retina technology. She joined CATA recently as Entrepreneur in Residence, helping to advance advocacy for women in tech.

The CATA Board felt that it was imperative that the organization move quickly to ensure continuation of the performance of its mission and mandate for the benefit of its stakeholders. Anyone familiar with John Reid would know that immediate action was a guiding principle of his managerial style. His dedication to the needs of his stakeholders was a prime directive for the organization. The Board is confident that Suzanne will be able to maintain the stability of the organization as the board assesses the next phase for CATA in the changing environment of advocacy on behalf of the Canadian high tech sector. We recognize that we cannot replicate John Reid but we can ensure that CATA continues to be an effective voice for the tech sector and particularly for the small and medium Canadian technology companies.

Suzanne will assist us in this analysis and the Board will be consulting broadly with the stakeholders to ensure that CATA continues to perform its mission with the same zeal and dedication as it did under John’s leadership taking into account the changes affecting the sector, the economy and new technologies.

“Suzanne is highly regarded by the technology community and has a history of addressing change with high levels of collaboration and consultation.”, said Paul LaBarge, founding partner at the law firm LaBarge Weinstein LLP, CATA director and member of the CATA Innovation Council.

CATAAlliance is the one voice advocating for Canadian small and medium technology enterprises. CATA currently leads 16 active and substantive campaigns supporting innovation including; Cyber Security, SRED tax changes, open-data, financial literacy crowdfunding and most recently Reid’s inspired Sara Kirke Declaration for Diversity and Women-led enterprises. The Declaration’s principles, when combined with data-driven decision making, will significantly help reverse lagging patterns that negatively affect the Canadian economy.

In accepting the new duties Grant said,

“John was one of a kind and we shared a passion for pulling others up. I am humbled by this appointment and with the support of Canada’s small and medium tech business leaders, we will carry the torch assuring John’s legacy and ensuring CATA’s impact flourishes. John was committed to moving Canada’s innovation grade from a D to an A. That’s something Canada’s tech community remains behind.”

Suzanne Grant, Interim CEO CATAAlliance

About CATA

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Advocacy Group, crowdsources ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. Supported by evidence-based research, CATAAlliance then mobilizes the community behind public policy recommendations designed to boost Canada’s innovation and competitiveness success.

For further information Contact:
Paul Labarge, CATAAlliance Board Member
613 – 599 – 9600 extension 201

Suzanne Grant, Interim CEO, CATAAlliance
613 – 697 – 8818