June 10, 2019

Be a ‘Sara Kirke’ CanWIT (Women in Tech) Activator & Help Crowdfund & Advance Important Advocacy


Dear Community members,

Who are CanWIT (Women in Tech) Activators?

It all started with CATA’s 34th Annual Innovation Gala and the announcement of the new Sara Kirke Caucus and then evolved with the creation of  The ‘Sara Kirke’ Declaration for Diversity & Women-led Enterprises.

Audience members reached out to us and asked how to help support the CanWIT (Women in Tech) mission, expressing the view that women should actively support women and also step up to play a key role in advancing CATA’s Competitive Innovation Nation platform.

What do Activators do?

Activators are volunteers of the best order and critical to the success of all not for profit organizations. As investors, they can contribute through crowdfunding any amount of their choosing to the CATA advocacy platform that contains many women in tech policy planks.

This platform can be viewed at: https://chuffed.org/project/cata-advocacy

We have added: The ‘Sara Kirke’ Declaration for Diversity & Women-led Enterprises (open draft for consultation): https://cata.ca/2019/sara-kirke-declaration/

Activators are invited to join the CanWIT online community where they can meet peers, find out about events, learn about new advocacy for change and generally, ask for and give support. Activators can guide the Competitive Innovation platform and ‘Sara Kirke’ advocacy.

Annually, Activators will be invited to nominate candidates for the Sara Kirke Award, and should their nominee be chosen, attend the CATA Awards Gala as our treasured guest. At this venue connections happen with Canada’s leading innovators as we together recognize and celebrate the Innovation Leadership winners.

Become an Activator today, starting with your crowdfunding donation!


Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher of IT World Canada/IDG Canada
Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder, SalesChoice
Co Chairs, Sara Kirke Caucus

Ps How To Make Your Crowdfunding Donation: ( go to: https://chuffed.org/project/cata-advocacy and pick a Perk or click Donate Now, and enter one-off or monthly amount. You will then enter payment details). Thanks for tipping Chuffed.org (optional).

About CanWIT (Women in Tech)

Interact with your Women in Tech Peer Group Now: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3307815/

CanWIT (Women in Tech) is a CATAAlliance initiative designed to promote mentorship, STEM disciplines, Innovation advocacy and successful women led enterprises in Canada.

CanWIT crowdsources ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets.

Among it key programs are, the Sara Kirke Awards for recognizing women entrepreneurs, Social Groups for peer information exchange, Video Sharing Channels for sharing of best practices, Competitive Innovation nation advocacy and member events on topics of the day.