May 1, 2019

Airport Communication Challenges: Technologies, Solutions & Advocacy (Draft Position Paper)

Airport Communication Challenges

Dear Community members,

Airports are a City within themselves with rapidly growing complexity as the they expand in size and complexity from small specialized local Airport Operations to large International Airports moving to become Mega Transportation Hubs. Adding to the complexity, Airports are influenced at a moment’s notice by world events that at an instant can change Security and Screening regulations. Thus, effecting both Canada & US Customs Guidelines and CATSA who are responsible for the initial passenger screening.  Weather and natural disasters also can greatly affect the Operation of an Airport with little warning. Close to home in 2019 for instance Toronto Pearson has 22 consecutive days of Winter Precipitation in February. Out west Wild Fires often impacted flight paths and local Airport Operations throughout the summer of 2018.

While each Airport is mandated by Transport Canada to have their own unique Operating Standards and Emergency Response Plans, effective Interoperable Communications always becomes the Achilles Heel when events occur at a moment’s notice with present radio, commercial cellular 4G technology and WIFI Networks.

What’s the Answer?   

This document entitled, Airport Communication Challanges: Technolgies, Solutions & Advocacy, will look at Canadian Airports, Governance, Typical Communications Standards in use and a propose a strategy that allows them to focus on their core business while moving forward with effective interoperable next generation communications that ensure Emergency Communications are there at a touch, all the time when you need them most!

We are calling on you to provide guidance and feedback. You can access the 14 page position paper at this URL: (please request your password from CATA at )

Also, note that companies involved in technologies, services and solutions for addressing airport communications challenges will be profiled to the marketplace, just send a note to with details and we can begin the outreach for customers and collaborators.


John Reid, CATA CEO

Dan Elliot, CATA Innovation Advocate,
member, Public Sector Advisory Committee (PSAC)
President,  Lakeview Wireless Communications Solutions

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