June 16, 2019

CATA’s new Advocates-for-Change Caucus Now Deployed to Support ‘Sara Kirke’ Advocacy for Diversity & Women-led Enterprises

Ottawa, ON...CATAAllianceCanada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby group has announced that its new Advocates-for-Change Caucus, a crowdsourced 1,527 member activist group, has been mobilized to reach out to decision makers at all levels, in order to help advance the Alliance’s CanWIT (Women in Tech) advocacy campaign, entitled, the ‘Sara Kirke’ Declaration for Diversity & Women-led Enterprises (open draft for consultation).

According to Dr. Cindy Gordon, National Spokesperson for CATAAlliance & Founder & CEO, Saleschoice ” True guiding principles need not be viewed as gender specific. Rather these principles focus on encouraging inclusion of all, self awareness – particularly for dominant groups (sometimes gender and sometimes not), emotional intelligence and the behaviours that make an organizations successful.”

She added, ” Increasing equitable entrepreneurial forces in order to attract, develop and retain more women in STEM is an economic imperative. And to create Sara Kirke inspired women to become entrepreneurs, the private sector and government have a responsibility to declare that we don’t need more research, we need to dig deep and advance new legislative changes, modernize our practices, and hold our leadership teams, and board of directors accountable.”

Read Full Details: https://cata.ca/2019/sara-kirke-declaration/

CATA CEO John Reid said, “ CATA’s 4.0 business transformation, has embraced a full suite of digital and Ai resources now being deployed to advance Canada’s innovation and competitiveness rankings, and to help address specific business growth issues identified through crowdsourcing and guidance from our Board members and now using leverage from the CATA Advocates-for-Change Caucus.”

Related: By signing the CATA E-Petition you become part of a Caucus of Executives who will act as CATA Advocates-for-Change. The Caucus can be instantly mobilized to reach out to decision makers at all levels and to build peer support, in order to advance present and future advocacy campaigns.

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