April 24, 2019

CATA’s new Advocates-for-Change Caucus Now Deployed to Support Advocacy for Cybersecurity Incentives

Ottawa, ON...CATAAllianceCanada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby group has announced that its new Advocates-for-Change Caucus, a crowdsourced 1,480 member activist group, has been mobilized to reach out to decision makers at all levels, in order to help advance the Alliance’s advocacy calling for all political parties to adopt incentives that share the cost of implementing new and improved cybersecurity measures by Canadian business.

According to CATA CEO, John Reid, and CATA Research Director, Jean-Guy Rens, ” This policy incentive would allow Canadian based companies to recoup a percentage of the cost of their investment in cybersecurity technologies and services. Canadian firms are estimated to have spent $14 Billion last year on cybersecurity.  Done right, this sharing of cost should help to increase the number of firms getting serious about security. In addition if focused on Canadian sourced solutions, it would also stimulate the growth of domestic suppliers, vying for local and global markets.”

Read Full Details: https://cata.ca/2019/cybersecurity-adoption-incentives/

CATA CEO John Reid said, “ CATA’s 4.0 business transformation, has embraced a full suite of digital and Ai resources now being deployed to advance Canada’s innovation and competitiveness rankings, and to help address specific business growth issues identified through crowdsourcing and guidance from our Board members and now using leverage from the CATA Advocates-for-Change Caucus.”

Related: By signing the CATA E-Petition you become part of a Caucus of Executives who will act as CATA Advocates-for-Change. The Caucus can be instantly mobilized to reach out to decision makers at all levels and to build peer support, in order to advance present and future advocacy campaigns.

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