December 20, 2019

A moment of silence for John Reid

On November 5th, 2019 technology providers, law enforcement and intelligence experts, academe, and policy makers gathered at the Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime Summit for a moment of silence to remember the late John Reid, CATAAlliance CEO since 1987. Chief Scott Todd, North Bay Police Service, honoured John Reid at opening day of EPIC2019.


David Perry, Board director CATAAlliance: So to start with, North Bay’s Chief of Police Scott Todd is the current Co-Chair for the Canadian integrated response to organized crime committee. Chief Todd is also the co-chair for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Counterterrorism Cational Cecurity Committee as well as its eCrime Committee. He is a member of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators. Chief Todd is a graduate of the leadership and counterterrorism program and received his diploma from the Canadian Forces College Canadian Security Studies Program. He is a former officer of the Canadian Forces Maritime Command an Officer of The Order of Merit of the Police Forces he is also the recipient of the Police Officer Exemplary Service Medal and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Welcome please to the stage North Bay’s Chief of Police Scott Todd.

Chief Scott Todd: Thank you David and good morning everyone. I would like to take a moment to recognize and remember Mr. John Reid. For those who knew John, John was the CEO of CATA, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and John sadly passed away this past summer.

He was with his family in Norway when he passed away and those that knew John or know of John would know that today would be the type of environment that John would enjoy being in a room with people collaborating listening talking and learning and also at the same time able to share some jokes some humour and also talk about how well Canada is doing to develop an A+ Nation of innovation and creation and Technology.

John was instrumental in developing the relationship with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and also supported the establishment of the eCrime Cyber Council.

He was a friend to many of us in the room and well-known across North America a student of North Carolina, a residence in Arizona and certainly a dedicated individual to the advancement of Technology and innovation of Technology and the support for cybercrime efforts by law enforcement across Canada. If we could just please stand and join me in a 30-second silence in memory of John Reid . . .

Thank you very much.