January 10, 2019

A.I. Leader of the Year Award will be given at CATA’s 34th Annual Innovation & Leadership Awards Gala (May 15th in Ottawa) – Nominations Now Open (draft)

Named after Mindbridge Ai, the AI Leader of the Year Award is presented to an individual from the private sector in recognition of their role in advancing the frontiers of A.I. development in Canada.

The recipient will have have demonstrated consistent leadership resulting in the creation and international acceptance of a world-class A.I. product and/or service that has solved a technology problem, achieved disruption of a service or market segment, or had significant traction in the global A.I. marketplace, created business value, efficiencies and cost savings, or improved services, through the use of A.I. and automation.

The A.I. Award Leader will also be recognized as a thought leader and have demonstrated  engagement (e.g., keynote talks, advocacy, media interviews) in helping to improve Canada’s competitive business climate.

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The A.I. Leader of the Year Award will be presented on the 34th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation Gala on May 15th in Ottawa, hosted at Carleton University. Nominations (maximum of 500 words in length), can now be submitted now to Cathi Malette at cmalette@cata.ca  

About the 34th Annual CATAAlliance Innovation Gala

The 34th Annual Gala celebrates the best-of-the-best award-winners across the spectrum of advanced technology areas. Check out the Award categories!

At the Gala, the winners are recognized for their innovation, expertise, and leadership in Canada’s innovation community. View our Leadership Awards Video Sharing Channel where past winners and sponsors share their success secrets. And, see who won last year.

Our story

At MindBridge Ai we are about changing the world, making it a better place by building revolutionary new solutions to analyze financial data. Each year vast sums of money are lost to the economy worldwide due to unintentional errors and intentional misstatements in financial data. At MindBridge Ai we intend to restore confidence in financial data with our groundbreaking Ai Auditor platform. Our platform is the world’s first and only AI powered auditing solution that leverages advanced machine learning and AI techniques to augment human capacity and cope with the enormous amounts of financial data that exist within organizations.

We are a committed team of talented people. We’re as much a family as we are a company, working together to advance our mission in changing the world.

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