May 4, 2019

Crowdfunding Donation Now Required Prior to Posting Content on CATA’s Social Groups

Note: Attention community members, wishing to post content on any of the CATA managed social groups, we now need to confirm that you have provided crowdfunding support and have thus removed your posting.

See below for how to process your crowdfunding donation:

Can you help us advance our advocacy by making a donation to the CATA Competitive Innovation Nation Crowdfunding site at:

All funds raised will be invested in developing, designing, and producing content to support action on the Core Policy Planks & 15 active advocacy Campaigns, as well as a creating significant outreach and awareness to key influencers. As a not for profit, we rely on the support of community leaders such as yourself to sustain our work for the community.

You can view CATA’s advocacy program at:

Note that donors have access to all CATA programs and services.

Thank you.


Ps Crowdfunding options (click Donate Now icon): One-off or Monthly (sustaining) option and you have the choice, $Enter amount.

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