November 1, 2018

Reminder: Get Your On-Line Viewing Delegate Participation Pass to the 3rd International Policing Cybercrime Summit (Fredericton, N.B., Nov 5-7)

Virtual Delegate Pass Registration:

Dear Community member,

Please book your Virtual Delegate Pass (note: limited number available) to benefit from the insights of some 24 cyber security experts and marketplace advisors (see speakers list & Summit details) participating in the 3rd International Policing Cybercrime Summit (Fredericton, N.B. on November 5-7).

Register now at:

As a Virtual Delegate, a remote attendee with a front row seat, you will be able to take part in the Summit on-line from anywhere in the world and potentially question Speakers through chat-enabled features provided on the live stream channel.

See video previews of Speaker(s) planned remarks at:

Remarks will be recorded, so if you cannot watch live, you and your team can watch the recorded version in the days following the Summit’s conclusion.

Your benefit will be a full understanding of the key trends in public safety that are leading to widespread adoption of digital evidence management solutions globally, and in Canada. You will gain insights into market drivers, key solution providers and pivotal technology enablers for successful, seamless implementation of advanced security solutions. You will be able to follow-up with attendees to discuss partnerships and opportunities.

Looking forward to you joining us on-line for the 3rd International Policing Cybercrime Summit.


John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance
Deputy Chief Scott Tod ECC Co-Chair
North Bay Police Service

Ps CATAAlliance is leading a major project on “ Cybersecurity in an Industry 4.0 Environment,” a comprehensive study that includes essential infrastructures, a survey of small and medium enterprises and of public utilities, one-on-one interviews with thought leaders, a mid-project round-table, and a final workshop with major stakeholders. Upon completion, Virtual Delegates will receive this research at no cost (a $ 895 value).

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