July 12, 2018

Adoption of Canadian Tech to Measure Impacts of Government Spending: Mayank Patel, UK based, Tri Polus Ltd.

UK Adopts Canadian Tech to Measure Impacts of Government Spending: Mayank Patel, UK based,Tri Polus Ltd. from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

In a five minute video interview with CATA John Reid, we join Mayank Patel, Managing Director, UK based, Tri Polus Ltd., who explains the term procurement offsets (i.e., local spend, driving social & economic impacts from government spending)  and then reports on the benefits of a Canadian technology adoption (OMX) to local suppliers, large scale enterprises and government reporting outcomes.

About Mayank Patel 

Mayank has extensive experience within the Aerospace, Defence, Space and IT industries. Prior to founding Tri Polus, Mayank was European Operations Director for L-3 Communications a U.S. based corporation, where he lead the restructuring and re-building of European business within the Aerospace/Space marketplace.

Mayank is a regular speaker on the subject of “Succeeding in India within the Aerospace/Defence market” and also on the subject of “Offsets”, where he has delivered workshops internationally. Mayank works closely with various international trade organisations on subjects related to the Indian market.

Mayank is currently working with many international organisations looking to source from India and establish co-operation and joint-ventures with Indian companies. He also works with Indian companies to facilitate export markets.

After graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics from Bath University, Mayank joined the Space Division of Science Systems plc, a large software services and products company. While at Science Systems he held various positions in Development, Project Management, Consultancy, Business Development and Account Management within the Space, Industrial and Utilities Divisions.

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