January 30, 2018

Tax reform and Canada’s innovation agenda: CATA advances advocacy at Canada Club event

Russ Roberts
, Sr. VP, Advocacy, Tax & Finance, CATA
Alliance, joins Perrin Beatty, CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Gigi Olser, President, Canadian Medical Association (CMA)  for a Canadian Club of Ottawa Panel Discussion, moderated by Don Scott, Head of the Welch LLPs tax group on “Tax reform and Canada’s innovation agenda”

CATA Briefing Note: What is needed for an Effective Review of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program and associated tax instruments to promote Business Innovation and Economic Growth 

Please datebook this important event taking place at the Chateau Laurier Hotel (Adam Room) on March 1st in Ottawa with expected attendance of 200 executives. Details are provided below:

Date: March 1, 2018

Noon – 1:45pm (11:30 for Networking)

Venue: Chateau Laurier (Adam Room)

Title:  ” Tax reform and Canada’s innovation agenda: Maintaining the ability for businesses to access the funds required to grow innovation in Canada “

Discussion outline:

Last summer, the Liberal Government announced a series of changes to tax system, affecting incorporated businesses. These proposed changes are the most important  in more than 45 years.

Following much debates and discussions, adjustments  were made to the original proposal, but many concerns remain on the unintended consequences of these changes, specifically when it comes for Canada’s  business community’s ability to grow.

At the same time, the Liberal Government has been outspoken in seeking a better Canada so that everyone has the jobs, skills and learning to solve global challenges and strengthen community.

Can a tax policy impact Canada’s innovation agenda? If so, how?

Questions to be explored:

  • State of innovation in Canada
  • Estimated impact of the taxes changes
  • Opportunities & the barriers, including issues confronting women in business
  • Creating a fiscal environment favorable to making Canada an innovation hub


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