August 8, 2018

3rd Annual INTERNATIONAL POLICING CYBERCRIME SUMMIT #IPCS2018 November 5 – 7 2018 Fredericton – New Brunswick

Executives in the public and private sectors, policing and academia interested in exchanging information on cybercrime trends, sharing case studies of best practices and identifying partners for collaborative solutions should now register for the 3rd 
INTERNATIONAL POLICING CYBERCRIME SUMMIT #IPCS2018 (November 5 – 7 2018, Fredericton – New Brunswick)

The Summit also offers an Innovation Den program where police cybercrime experts have a unique opportunity to interact with industry solution providers who will engage in either a demonstration or focus group type discussion.

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Summit Background

On October 19 & 20, 2015, the inaugural National Policing Cybercrime Summit was held in Toronto, featuring over two dozen law enforcement, government, and industry speakers and attended by over 100 delegates. The Summit was hosted by founding partners, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance).

Based on the information shared by speakers, panels and through a town hall and post-assessment survey, the following seven key recommendations were presented in the comprehensive summary report, ” Canadian Law Enforcement Cybercrime Priorities and Needs, ” namely:

  1. Collaboration and Information Sharing
  2. Apply Needed Resources and Training
  3. Education
  4. Original Research
  5. Advance Advocacy and Policy Needs
  6. Identify Champions; and,
  7. Critical infrastructure Protection & Investments

In response to these findings, CATAAlliance and the CACP launched the eCrime Cyber Council (ECC). The ECC, comprised of police experts, innovative private sector leaders, academic and government observers, works with government departments, ministries, and agencies at federal, provincial, and local levels to undertake supportive policies and approaches that will make Canada a world leader in addressing the threat and harm of cybercrime.

The ECC is responsible for advancing Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy, based on five key pillars:

  • Mainstream
  • Deter
  • Collaborate
  • Enhance
  • Advocate

As set out in the RCMP white paper on the cybercrime strategy, entitled, “ Next Steps: We can all do more,” the ECC has identified key strategies to help advance and address these critical national needs. An annual International Cybercrime Summit is one of those priorities and further seen as a unique platform to showcase Canadian police leadership and leading-edge innovation to a global stage.

The ECC is dedicated to developing an agenda for the Summit that will: resonate with law enforcement executives and those on the front lines; showcase national and global policing cybercrime capabilities; highlight the newest and latest innovations, tools and practices in identifying, collecting and management of digital data of evidentiary value; and, educate and inform the entire assembly on the nature, prevalence, and impacts of cybercrime on police and society as a whole.

The 3rd Annual international Policing CyberCrime Summit‎ is an opportunity to become aware of the latest trends in cyber crime and the means to prevent and apprehend cyber criminals. The past two Summits have attracted attention from police officials, government agencies and experts from around the world and from leading cyber investigative services. The ability to learn of real life events and timely solutions is a valuable means for a police organization to invest in its people and the future.

Quick Facts

Summit Dates November 5 & 6, 2018
Innovation Den Date: November 7, 2018
Venue: Delta Fredericton

Fredericton NB

Estimated audience: 150-200

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