December 8, 2018

SR&ED Tax Incentive Program Update (Dec. 2018): Can management changes alone help or will systemic and structural issues prevail?

SR&ED Tax Incentive Program Update (Dec. 2018)

Dear Community members,

If you claim or plan to claim SR&ED Tax Credits, you will have an interest in the latest SR&ED Tax Incentive Program Update, prepared by CATA’s Sr. VP, Advocacy, Dr. Russ Roberts.

Executives can view the full update at:

Dr. Roberts reports on Changes at the CRA, including links to source documents, Recent Evolutions in the Government’s thinking re ICT long term contribution to the Canadian Economy and a CATA Call to Action regarding 5 tax, finance and innovation recommendations.

For attendees of the CRA’S SR&ED national industry engagement technical workshops in the ICT sector (referred to above), there is a short Survey on the Workshops.

We want to understand your evaluation of these important ICT focused SR&ED technical workshops.


John Reid, CATA CEO

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