November 27, 2018

Canada’s future in space is in jeopardy, as country slips to an 18th ranking in space investment

Canada’s future in space, in jeopardy
Ottawa, ON…
Alliance (, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, has called on all federal parties to add a long-term, fully-funded space strategy for Canada as part of their election platforms.

CATA CEO, John Reid said, “ Canada has moved from an 8th place ranking in Space spending in 1992 (as a share of GDP) to an 18th place ranking today, thus we are losing out on the development and sale of space technologies, or missing out on one of the cores to Canada’s future innovation eco-system and competitiveness. That downward spiral will accelerate unless we take strong actions to reverse the trend, by developing a long-term, fully-funded space strategy for Canada.”

He added, “ Also at risk is the potential role that Canada could play in the upcoming flagship Lunar Gateway. ”
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NASA reveals its plans to have astronauts orbiting the moon by 2025.

The Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway is a proposal for a lunar-orbit space station intended to serve as an all-in-one solar-powered communications hub, science laboratory, short-term habitation module, and holding area for rovers and other robots.

Benefits of Canadian Space Leadership

  • Realization of Canada’s share of of the new space economy – which is today worth over USD $380 billion and is growing fast
  • Retention, attraction and training of some of our brightest minds in science, technology, engineering and math, creating $5.5 billion (revenue), 10,000 direct jobs — 41% with university degrees; 22,000 indirect jobs; and $2.3 billion (contribution to GDP)
  • Advancement of Canadian technology and innovation leadership in satellite communications, Earth observation, space robotics, space science, optics and sensors, and the development of new technologies with export potential and commercial consumer application
  • Full and beneficial Canadian participation in the Lunar Gateway

Download: State of the Canadian Space Sector Report (20th edition)

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Mike Greenley, Group President of MDA, a Maxar company, concluded, “ We ask all parties to embrace Space investment in their election platforms because it will bring us much closer to having a system of innovation in which government, universities and the private sector work more closely together to move from invention to commercially viable solutions. Investing in space pays major dividends to Canadians in advancements in science and technology, delivering economic and social benefits, and adding to our stature and ranking as a competitive innovation nation.”

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