August 24, 2018

From Outstanding Product Award Winner to Industry Advocate: SOTI Exemplifies Corporate Member Stewardship

CATAAlliance is pleased to announce SOTI has formally joined as its newest Corporate Member with a focus on helping expand CATAAlliance’s public safety mandate.

SOTI has rapidly scaled since winning CATAAlliance’s prestigious Sprott School of Business at Carleton University Outstanding Product Achievement Award in 2016, and has taken great strides in working with public safety communities to bring their innovative solutions and thought leadership across Canada. To increase their support of this vital community, SOTI is committed to bringing greater enterprise mobility and IoT technology to our nation’s first responders.

CATAAlliance welcomes SOTI’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chadi Elkadri, to its Innovation Leadership Council, and plans are in place to see SOTI take a leadership role in advancing key research and events addressing matters related to cybercrime and cybersecurity, enterprise mobility, and CATAAlliance’s Women In Technology (WIT) Network.  

“We are pleased to have a recent award winner returning the support and recognition received as we advance Canada’s innovation agenda,” says CATAAlliance President and CEO, John Reid. “SOTI is clearly living up to the philosophy set out by their president, Mr. Rodrigues, who at that time of SOTI’s award win urged companies to create a long-term focus by encouraging entrepreneurs to commercialize their innovations to fuel Canada’s innovation economy, and make a lasting impact in Canada by not selling out to the highest bidder. We look forward applying the drive and commitment of the SOTI team to many mission-critical areas CATAAlliance is advancing.”

Interview with Chadi Elkadri

Watch this 8-minute briefing featuring SOTI Chief Innovation Officer, Chadi Elkadri, as he explains the importance the company places in creating a culture of innovation within the firm, how he in his role helps effect an innovative environment, and offers experienced insights on best practices organizations can adopt to begin realizing an innovative workforce.

About SOTI

SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, with more than 17,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI’s innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. SOTI extends secure mobility management to provide a total, flexible solution for comprehensive management and security of all mobile devices and connected peripherals deployed in an organization. For more information, visit


EPIC AWARDS – Nominations open until September 21

The newly launched EPIC Awards recognizing Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime are accepting nominations until September 21 and being presented at the 3rd Annual International Policing Cybercrime Summit in Fredericton, NB, this November 5-7.

Full details at:

Live Interactive Video Webcast Exploring the Modernization of Digital Investigations

On September 12 at 2:00 p.m. EST, join Adam Belsher, CEO of Magnet Forensics, in a live, interactive video webcast hosted by CATAAlliance Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, where Mr. Belsher will share the company’s vision for police agencies in Canada to leverage people, processes and technology to tackle the growing digital evidence challenge as it pertains to investigations with evidence from smartphones, computers, IoT devices and cloud-based services.

In this innovative, 60-minute video conference-style briefing, participants will be offered a detailed PowerPoint-enabled presentation followed by an interactive Q&A session with Mr. Belsher. Contact Kevin Wennekes at indicating your interest in participating and access preference i.e. video, telephone, livestream.

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