October 9, 2018

Business Scale Up Insights: David Hayes, UltraPreneur & Technology Brand Brokers International

Business Scale Up Insights: David Hayes, Technology Brand Brokers International from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

CATA CEO, John Reid joins President, UltraPreneur & Technology Brokers International, David Hayes for a 4 minute interview on some of the keys for successful business scale up, with a special focus on the importance of capitalization and target markets.

David Hayes is an innovation leader who has launched 120 technology and consumer products globally and helped lead the market with, Software as a Service (SaaS), AI and other emerging technologies.

David resides in Ottawa, Canada with his amazing family where he is involved with community charities, philanthropy and community/political activism.

Mr. Hayes has joined the team of CATA Analysts ready to comment on issues and topics of the day on CATA TECHNOW.

Podcast: You can listen to more insight from David Hayes as he participates in a panel discussion, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Are They an Investment you should Recommend to your Clients? Jason Pereira(award-winning  financial planner, university lecturer,  writer), Kyle J Kemper (Executive Director and Chief Strategy Director of the Blockchain Association of Canada), and David Hayes (Technology Brokers International) discuss the phenomenons of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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