August 21, 2018

New Resources for Artificial Intelligence (AI): Healthcare Technologies & Solutions

Transforming Healthcare with AI

Dear Group members,

With technological advancements, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become more relevant for businesses and managers across industries and roles.

Since this is still a relatively new field,  we wanted to let you know about new resources that offer insights into how different industries are making use of these capabilities. Our goal is to spark new ideas for you on how you can make the best use of AI technology in your own organization.

The new addition to our AI repository is an expert panel video discussion on “ Healthcare and Wellness: Transforming Healthcare with AI.”

Panel Members: Moderator, Keith Liou, SVP, Click Health, Dr. Alan Forster, VP Innovation, The Ottawa Hospital, Louise Beauchesne, Executive Director, IBM Health, Tom Chan, MD, Hawk Capital, ex CMO, the Scarborough Hospital, and Milos Popovic, Institute Director – Research, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – Tenured Professor, University of Toronto.

For viewing go to this URL:

CATA members and crowdfunding supporters can request a password by sending an email to CATA CEO, John Reid, at

Already developed are these AI resources:

  • A new AI Directory to help define key players in the global ecosystem, over 300 plus Canadians in AI, Data Sciences profiled, USA and China additions in place by June, plus AI Media News from IT World Canada
  • AI Video Channels, and Podcasts hosted by CATAAlliance, produced by EY & SalesChoice Inc.
  • A thought leadership Op-Ed series
  • AI Corporate CATAlog profiles to advance brand to customers, partners & media
  • An Outreach Network to AI Social Media Groups in Canada, key global markets & AI corporations
  • Branding of the AI Leader of the Year Award
  • Access to exclusive webinars, white papers, podcasts, and interviews
  • Speaking engagements at key events

If you are already using artificial intelligence in your company, let us know your tips for using it most effectively.


John Reid, CATA CEO

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