August 22, 2018

CATA Partners with Tehama, a Business Unit of Pythian, to Launch Secure Service Delivery Platform & Help Gain Customers & Partners

Date:  August 23, 2018

Media Contact:  Lauren McCrea                  Mobile: 415-866=0396


Ottawa, ON – Tehama, a Service Delivery Platform that helps businesses securely leverage a growing global workforce, launches with an inaugural event on September 12th in NYC including keynote speaker and security expert Bruce Schneier. As a CATA partner, Tehama represents the latest and best in emerging technology coming out of Canada and is fully aligned with an increased investment in Cybersecurity.

Tehama is a SaaS platform allowing companies to securely connect and collaborate with remote employees and third parties. It offers a simple and incredibly flexible approach to delivering secure and integrated digital end-user computing (EUC) today.

Based in Ottawa, Tehama is a business unit of Pythian, a global IT company and Canadian-born success story. The cloud-based platform was created by industry experts to address the the difficult task of growing a global workforce in the face of increasing risks with secure access, audit and compliance. Their upcoming event will address this challenge along with other challenges faced by companies in Canada and across the globe.

“Tehama is revolutionizing the way organizations can quickly leverage a global talent pool to easily deliver on business requirements.” said Gene Villeneuve, SVP Tehama, business unit of Pythian. “We are thrilled to be bringing together experts such as Bruce Schneier and industry leaders from UpWork, Centrify, Avaya and Amazon on this subject in New York to talk about the future of security and IT services.”

“Part of the CATAAlliance  mandate is to elevate the level of awareness around Canadian born cyber innovation” says Katherine Thompson, Chair of CATA Cyber. “The launch of Tehama showcases the level of expertise and understanding our industry has when it comes to developing solutions that help businesses DO business in a secure fashion. One of our goals and desired outcomes is to help Tehama gain customers, partners and collaborators. ”

Gene Villeneuve  (view video interview):

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