May 21, 2018

Media Sonar Recognized with the Motorola Solutions Award for Public Safety Technology at the CATA Gala

Media Sonar Recognized with the Motorola Solutions Award for Public Safety Technology at the CATA Gala from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Michael Martin, GM, Motorola Solutions Canada Inc., (lf), David Strucke, CEO, Media Sonar, John Reid, CATA CEO

In this five minute video, join Michael Martin, General Manager – Canadian Federal/Quebec/Atlantic Markets, Motorola Solutions Canada, Inc., as he presents the Motorola Solutions Award for Public Safety Technology to Media Sonar, CEO Davide Strucke, accepting the Award at the CATA Innovation and Leadership Gala.

In accepting the Award, spoke to the role and potential of using technology for public good.

About Media Sonar

Media Sonar was born in the Microsoft Cloud in 2014, developing into a fast-growing Canadian big data company that makes the world around us safer.

The company gives safety and security professionals a powerful analytics platform that helps them improve public safety, provide humanitarian support, and proactively assist people.

Media Sonar works with organizations to deliver solutions that help their clients uncover actionable insights, quickly and reliably. Its intuitive cloud-based platform allows professionals to collect and analyze online deep web data for relevant open source intelligence.

In an early incident, police analysts used the platform to identify and find a woman using online channels to threaten self-harm. This information allowed local authorities to intervene and help her before it was too late.

In another case, a client used the Media Sonar platform to help responders keep an active pulse on public sentiment. They used it to stay sensitive to concerns when providing support relief efforts after a natural disaster.

Not surprisingly, schools and universities concerned about keeping people safe have come calling on the Media Sonar team. And so too have international groups dedicated to fighting human trafficking, a truly global crime.

In addition to receiving the London Chamber of Commerce, Business Achievement Award, Media Sonar was recently Awarded  the Techcellence Award for Community Engagement for their partnership with the London Abused Women’s Centre, Salvation Army Correctional & Justice Services (SACJS) and Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) to provide support to trafficked and sexually exploited women and girls.

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