February 12, 2018

Tech Congratulates Shared Services Canada (SSC) for its Move to Public Cloud

Ottawa, ON…CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation lobby group, has given a thumbs up to the Government of Canada’s move to public cloud, announced on February 7th by Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and minister responsible for Shared Services Canada (SSC).

The department will team up with the Treasury Board Secretariat and partner agencies as a cloud broker, including providing government funds for public cloud projects, determining solutions of choice, and also supporting security, operations, and IT assistance.

CATA CEO, John Reid, fully agreed with the Minister’s statement, noting, “ The cloud will allow the Government of Canada to harness the innovation of private-sector providers to make its information technology more agile. Cloud services will make it easier for Canadians to access new digital services and programs such as geospatial systems which support our scientists and city planners.”

In January, 2016 CATA launched a Cloud 1st for Canada Advocacy Initiative, putting forward eight points which the association believes will help Canada boost its tech standing:

  • Begin a pan-Canada discussion on best ideas on how to accelerate the country’s cloud platforms and cloud software. The discussions will need to recognize and address regulatory factors, data gravity and the “sovereignty it entails.”
  • A panel meeting of leading Canadian experts to have a best practice discussion on cloud computing in Canada
  • An Internet Bill of Rights for Canadian businesses and consumers in an era where connectivity is a fundamental human need
  • Investment in world-class data centres and true cloud platforms
  • Encouragement of risk capital investment in software and platforms for digital business, tax credit programs and other forms of economic stimulus
  • Join Digital 5, a network of leading digital governments with the goal of strengthening the digital economy
  • Enhance and exploit common global perceptions that Canada is more digital-friendly than the United States
  • Developing a blueprint for Cloud 1st which addresses the areas of ensuring privacy, promoting security, battling cybercrime, protecting intellectual property and ensuring data portability

CATA said that the blueprint should also include the harmonization of international rules, promotion of free trade, removal of access barriers and the establishment of necessary IT infrastructures.

At the time of this Cloud 1st for Canada launch, CATA CEO, John Reid ( IT World Canada ) said, “We are lagging behind other nations in cloud technology adoption because we have become very comfortable with legacy and traditional structures,” adding, “We have to change our mindset…and the government can help nurture and direct a bolder vision and strategy through legislation and policy.”

Reid concluded, “ We congratulate the Minister for her Cloud leadership as Canada embraces forward looking public policies to support innovation in Canada.”

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