May 20, 2018

Jaime Leverton, VP & GM (Canada and APAC), Cogeco Peer 1 Recognized for Private Sector Leadership at CATA’s Innovation & Leadership Gala

Jaime Leverton, VP & GM, Cogeco Peer 1 Recognized for Private Sector Leadership at CATA’s Innovation & Leadership Gala from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Robyn Ouiment, Director, Advancement, Telfer School of Management (lf), Jaime Leverton, Award Winner, John Reid, CATA CEO (rt)

In this four minute video, join Robyn Ouimet, Director of Advancement, Telfer School of Management as she introduces Jaime Leverton, VP & GM, Canada and Asia Pacific (APAC), Cogeco Peer 1, winner of the Telfer Private Sector presented at the CATA Innovation & Leadership Gala.

In accepting the Award, Jaime recognized the excellence of the Cogeco Peer 1 team and underlined her commitment to Canadian enterprises.

About Jaime Leverton

Jaime is a transformational leader with a track record for successful turnarounds and accelerating growth.

Throughout her 17 year career, Jaime has served in senior executive roles with National Bank, BlackBerry, Bell Canada, and IBM Canada. At Bell Jaime earned a reputation as a turnaround expert, and at IBM she was responsible for pushing the technology company into new markets.

While at Blackberry, she led the sales team responsible for BlackBerry’s relationship with its carrier and distribution partners across the Americas, accounting for overall corporate revenue. Throughout her career, Jaime has played a key role in helping to shape the redemption and ascendency stories of some of the biggest players in the Canadian tech industry.

Fitting for this year’s Gala theme, Jaime says Artificial intelligence will be an important enabler of future business, embedded at every level. She sees the broad acceptance of “AI as a tool” in the business community, especially when it comes to the value and power of data.

Jaime’s vision, advocacy and commitment to change makes her an exceptional leader, and in her short time at Cogeco Peer 1, Jaime has brought clarity of mission and strategy to the entire firm.

Jaime has a Master’s of Business Administration, Marketing Informatics from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Political Science from the University of Ottawa. As a community activist and advocate for advancing the technological literacy of Canadian youth, she sits on the board of Horizons for Youth and Merry Go Round Kids.

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