January 26, 2018

MNP Sponsors Canadian Science and Technology Reporting Award: Innovation Leadership Celebrated at the CATA Gala (May 15th, 2018)

Innovation Award Winners (2017)

33rd Annual CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership Awards Gala Dinner

May 15, 2018 at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

OTTAWA, ON –  CATAAlliance, Canada’s One Voice For Innovation lobby group, is pleased to announce the newly branded MNP Award for Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting.

The annual award is granted to a journalist or writer who has raised the public profile of science and technology through clear and engaging articles. MNP, one of Canada’s leading accounting, tax and consulting firms, has thrown it support behind the 2018 award.

“We’re proud to have MNP as the major sponsor recognizing outstanding technology and science industry reporting,” said John Reid, CATAAlliance president.

MNP has been promoting technology and science for decades through individuals and companies across the country, helping them succeed and grow in domestic and international markets.

“We are proud to support continued efforts to increase transparency and awareness of these vital industries,” said Scott Greenlay, National Leader of MNP Technology Solutions. “Technology and science reporters, and journalists in general, are key to informing both the business community and the general public about industry and global trends and life-changing innovation. We value and have a keen appreciation for their insights, skills and commitment.”

OBJ Reporter, and Craig Lord, host of its spin-off technology publication, Techopia, received the 2017 Science and Technology Reporting Award for his local tech coverage with a global outreach.

The 2018 MNP Award for Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting will be given at CATA’s Annual Innovation and Leadership Awards Gala next May 15th in Ottawa. It will be hosted by the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. 

This year’s Gala theme is ” Embracing A.I. means a boost to business “ led by keynote,  Jodie Wallis, Managing Director, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Accenture Canada

The CATA Gala will continue a 33-year tradition of recognizing outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership in expanding the frontiers of Canada’s advanced technology industries.

The Call for Nominations for 2018 is now open 
Please submit your nominations to http://cata.ca/innovation-and-leadership-awards/

Submissions must be received at the CATA office by the entry deadline: April 2, 2018


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