February 20, 2018

Tech CEOs and Founders, apply today for the Metabridge Top 15: a CATA partnered initiative

Alliance is partnering with Metabridge for its annual selection of 15 of the most innovative, scale-up technology companies to participate in the Metabridge Silicon Valley connections program. The deadline for application is March 1, 2018.

The goal of the program is to enable meaningful connections between Silicon Valley and Canada for technology CEOs and Founders through executive retreats where individuals can interact with like-minded peers to grow their network. They discuss real life challenges with thought leaders and visionaries face to face, in an intimate setting.

This is an extremely competitive process and each successful CEO/Founder is recognized and showcased at the Metabridge live event on June 6 – 8 and throughout the year. You will be placed into interactive networking programs and introduced to top influencers and VC’s to help take their company to the next level.  Since 2008, 17 of the Metabridge Top 15 have been acquired and over $270M in investment has been raised by alumni.  

Selection Criteria

  • Tech companies from any vertical
  • At the scaling phase with a generally available product/service
  • Demonstrated traction, with investment and/or users & revenue (ideally 10% mom)
  • Have amazing founders with an established, growing team
  • Clearly demonstrate the “Why” and that product or service solves a problem or need (we are interested in the story and the people)
  • Cleary benefit from our mentorship and support with international expansion
  • Ideally raised at least $1M in investment and/or revenue generating

Submit Your Application at: http://metabridge.com/apply-now

About Metabridge

Now in its 10th year, Metabridge supports Canadian technology CEO’s and Founders. We have access to an extensive network of Alumni from across North America who have built and sold companies, are established in Silicon Valley or are partners at top Venture Capital firms. Individuals escape to the Okanagan, BC on an annual basis to attend our executive retreat where they are able to disconnect and network with like-minded peers and technology leaders. Visions are shared and relationships are formed, being able to discuss real challenges with other executives in think tanks and experiences created just for them, rather than sitting through conference presentations.

Those who have attended on more than one occasion become part of our Charter Member group, helping others by connecting them up through their business network.

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