October 22, 2018

Mentorship – 5 Tips for Newcomers: Sarra Ismail, Training Coordinator, In-TAC

Mentorship – 5 Tips for Newcomers: Sarra Ismail, Training Coordinator, In-TAC from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

Join, Sarra Ismail, Training Coordinator, In-TAC, on CATA TECHNOW as she talks about 5 Things a newcomer needs from a mentor.

Familial and social constraints make it difficult for some women to access training and development services. This is especially common with women in typically male-dominated fields like engineering and ICT.

These constraints are even bigger for newcomer women.

That’s why In-TAC is launching a new training program. Empowering Women in IT (EWIT) is a program dedicated to newcomer women in engineering. This program supports the empowerment of Internationally Educated Women Engineers to help them overcome barriers that are preventing them from entering and advancing in the Ottawa ICT sector.

An important component of this program is mentorship. In-TAC is currently looking for mentors to empower these women by giving them the knowledge and resources they need to succeed!

If you would like to become a mentor on our Empowering Women in IT program, please contact Juliette Smith juliette.smith@in-tac.ca or Sarra Ismail sarra.ismail@in-tac.ca .

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