February 22, 2018

Media Advisory (for Tuesday February 27th): CATAAlliance, the leader of the competitive Innovation Nation movement is available for comment on an expected federal ‘More Debt’ Budget

Media Advisory (for Tuesday, February 27th): CATAAlliance, the leader of the competitive Innovation Nation movement is available for comment on an expected federal ‘More Debt’ Budget

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Finance Minister Bill Morneau will introduce (on February 27th) the federal government’s latest budget — amid the economic uncertainty of the Donald Trump era. It is purported to have a gender-equality framework and include tax measures adverse to small business growth in Canada.

CATA CEO, John Reid

In this Op-Ed, entitled, “ Prime Minister Trudeau’s Bad Balance Sheets are Bad News for Canada “ CATA CEO, John Reid outlines Federal budget expectations and concerns. Additional insight is provided in an Op-Ed entitled, ” Federal Government is Exiling Canadian Entrepreneurs.”

New: Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED) & CATAAlliance sign collaboration agreement to advance Canada’s Cyber Security & Public Safety Leadership.

Will expectations become realities or be set aside and hurt Canada’s economy? CATA senior staff will be available for comment and analysis on Budget Day. Upon request, CATA will provide reporters with a federal budget brief.

Opportunities for Interviews AND for further information

 Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, CATA, who will be in the budget lockup in Ottawa: tel: 613-290-2911 or email roberts-bishop@sympatico.ca and/or John Reid,  CATA CEO, out of town, but available by phone, email and video link: tel: 613-699-8209 or email jreid@cata.ca                 

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