May 20, 2018

New HRSG Making the Most of Her MBA Award Recognizes Emma Azzi at CATA’s Leadership Gala

New HRSG Making the Most of Her MBA Award Recognized Emma Azzi from CATAAlliance on Vimeo.

 Lorraine McKay, Co-Founder & CMO, HRSG (lf), Emma Azzi, Award Winner, John Reid, CATA CEO (rt)

In this three minute video, join Lorraine McKay, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, HRSG  at the CATA Innovation & Leadership Gala.  as she presents the new Making the Most of her MBA Award to Emma Azzi, currently Program Officer at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

In accepting the Award, Emma recognized the guidance and support of the Telfer School of Management and the team work in helping achieve success.

About Emma Azzi

Emma is a student at the MBA for Working Professional cohort at the Telfer School of Business. She has an excellent academic record and is said by her peers to be a kind, generous and friendly person.

From the beginning of her MBA studies, Emma has been involved in events, has sought opportunities to make the most of her time in the program and has helped others do the same.

Emma was Elected MBA Games Director from 2016-2017, pulling together a team of participants to represent Telfer at the January, 2017 MBA Games in Vancouver. Despite being one of the smaller teams present, Telfer managed to compete in both academics and sports components, exceeding expectation by winning multiple titles.

Emma then took up the challenge to prepare a proposal for Telfer to host the 2018 MBA Games, won the bid and was named the Chair for the 2018 MBA Games.

As Chair for the 2018 MBA Games, her peers and supervisors report that she demonstrated excellent leadership. organizational and networking skills and was able to rally everyone together with purpose. She led by example, putting in countless hours to ensure the success of the games, responding quickly and efficiently to many challenging situations.

Over 600 MBA candidates from 17 schools participated and 45 thousand dollars was raised for a grassroots community campaign on violence towards women.and children. The academic competition also included a Diversity and Inclusion Case meaning that Emma and her team have influenced an entire cohort of MBA student across Canada.

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