July 2, 2018

Kiite: Helping sales teams succeed through the power of chat: CATA Outreach for Customers, Partners & Media

URL: https://kiite.ai/
Contact: Joseph Fungt | CEO
Email: joseph@kiite.ai
Market: Ai (Artificial Intelligence)

About Kiite

Kiite has built the world’s first Intelligent Sales Coach. The workplace is changing; new employees have more complex needs, want more personalized and frequent interactions, while also demanding more independence and changing jobs more frequently. Companies can’t survive the future of work with yesterday’s management practices. Kiite uses machine learning and natural language processing to give employees more autonomy and make managers dramatically more productive.

Kiite is located within the Waterloo Region tech corridor, a global centre of technical talent, game-changing ideas, innovation and discovery.  We work out of the Communitech Data Hub, a collaborative office space for a mix of tech and data-driven businesses.

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